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That shift everyone has been prophesying about has turned into a shaking! It is shaking and stirring the souls of mankind; shaking them loose from old religious beliefs and an old consciousness energy.  It is shaking the core of their beliefs systems; their political systems; their financial systems and their religious systems.  

I do not watch TV or listen to the radio. I reserve my time writing, researching, growing in spiritual and esoteric knowledge. This is so I not only walk in light but channel light uncensored and untainted at the level of ascension I am now. 
Recently, I have began to explore Metaphysics within the confines of the wonder of the human brain and thought and a little physics. Not an expert by any means.  I merely follow as led and directed by Spirit. As a matter of facts, I read my own writings of what the Spirit has revealed and channeled through me. I find that with each reading my eyes are always opened to new concepts.  This is because the ‘Mind’ of the Spirit is infinite. 

When the Spirit communicates with humans, She do so in a language that humans will understand. At the same time presenting even new words and teaching us new vocabulary. At least this has been my experience.   It is then up to us to utilize what has been given to gain an understanding of what the Spirit gives.  It is called free will. We can either chose to receive or reject. Let me tell you that G-D is not going to ‘fall off the throne’ or stop loving us if we do not receive. There are no judgments, only that we bring upon ourselves.

Because The Creator is ALL Knowledge, humans could not grasp but a minute meaning of what Spirit speaks, and then we must tailor that ‘heavenly language’ one concept at a time. What we receive is at our level of understanding in spiritual awareness.

Someone on one of my Facebook pages made a comment. I do not get too many comments because many lack understanding of the esoteric implications of Scriptures.  However, the stats tell me that there are a lot of those who do read and that is good enough for me, I am honored and most appreciative.  I am well aware of many who dwell in old religious energies that prevents them from moving past the “rudimentary basics”.

Perhaps the verbiage I use, which is most often an analogous type of writing of which the reader can get multiple renderings, apart from that they were taught and become acclimated to is also a factor. That’s alright too.  Many perceive me as “over the edge”, indeed I am to many, just as most of us awakened ones appear to those stuck in religion.  We have gone over that edge of walking in blind faith, ascending through the veil, bridging that gap to our higher self and G-D.  

I write in metaphors and prophetic prose with scriptural undertones versus direct quotes. This unfortunately leaves many scratching their heads and I understand that.  At times, even I am like what did I just write? However, it is what the Spirit gave to me and at times leaves me scratching my head too. Lol, like now. However, if those in religion knew all they profess to know and even a little familiar with their Bible or the Christ, they would be able to identify truth and, as I say, connect the dots.  I do not look for comments or replies; my objective is to disseminate truth and knowledge and point all to a higher Way. Whatever way one chooses to take, there are no judgments. It is for them to know the Mysteries of the Kingdom whatever way they choose. There is no wrong way as long as one is seeking G-D.

Anyway, one person understood and commented on what I had written, obviously versed  and well rounded. What he did was brought to my attention the recent catastrophes around the world. I had written a short Blog in regards to Planet X or Nirubi and because of  other things Spirit has revealed to me so, I decided to look up recent catastrophic events.

Well, not to my surprise there is so much going on  as a result of the approaching Galaxy Niribu that I am surprised that more people are not aware. Particularly, it does not surprise me that religious fanatics and the end-of-the-world doomsday humans, who love perverting truth, keeping people in darkness and fear merely to scare them into a religion, would not capitalize on these events to predict the end of the world or an Armageddon or such.
Perhaps, it could be because of all their failed prophecies ending with the Mayan Long Calendar and their inability to receive what that was all about. Indeed it was the end! It was the end of the old stale information! It was the end of an old religious era; it was an end of old dark energy.  Most importantly, it was the beginning! It is the beginning of the shift into a new spiritual consciousness and awareness; the opening of the Portals of new knowledge. It is the manifestation of the Sons of G-D: the New Man; the New Earth; the New Heaven—the NEW JERUSALEM. “Behold, IAM make ALL things New”!

What many in the religious sector do not recognize, although, it is written in their Scriptures and so many prophesied about a Shift that was to take place, they still have not received revelation but continue on as usual in that old religious energy.  Many do not understanding what G-D is doing or where the Most High wants to take us humans.

I found it interesting that the latest disaster was 18 April (when I first started writing this Blog). However, now there has been innumerable, too many anomalies to count or mention happening all around the World, every day! Therefore, this puts a little twist on this Blog.

Humans must come up to speed on what is truly happening. There is going to be an end of the World, as we know it!  There is an end of the old energy and old consciousness! Therefore, we must be informed as to the spiritual ramifications and benefits not the hype or the mumbo jumbo.

Scripture says, "When that which is perfect is come, that which is in part shall be done away with". Light has come! Redemption has come. Restoration has come. Recalibration has come. Transliteration of humans has come! Make the shift! Catch the vision.

Hotep Light One Love!
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