Monday, July 17, 2017

PANAFEST 2017 Cape Coast Ghana

Embracing Religious & Spiritual Diversity

Africa must be restored and united. It starts with you. Children of the Sun, SANKOFA. Take back what is yours. Restoration has come. Your light has come. Healing has come. The choice is yours to receive. How do we start? PANAFEST 2017 in Cape Coast would be a great way to document your intent of unity.

Day 1 –  Tuesday 25th July
Colloquium Opening Ceremony  -  Tribute to Pan African Pioneers
W.E.B.DuBoise Center – George Padmore Library – Nkrumah Mausoleum
9AM – 11AM   Motorcade to each venue starting at DuBois Center
 MUSU Performance   –   7PM National Theatre, Accra
Day 2 – Wednesday 26th July
Return Journey   -   8AM Cape Coast, Elmina Castle-Dungeon
Akwaaba Ceremony   –   11AM Elmina Castle Forecourt
Opening of Emporium Visual Art Exhibition  –   3PM Cape Coast Stadium
International Variety Performances   –   7PM Cape Coast Stadium
Day 3 – Thursday 27th July
Colloquium Opening Ceremony – UniversityCC Woman’s Day 9AM 11AM
Film Premiers  –  7PM Cape Coast Stadium
Day 4 – Friday 28th July
 Colloquium cont’d  Youth Day  -   9AM-4PM UCC
International Variety Performances – 7PM Centre for National Culture Cape Coast
Live entertainment/Fashion Show   -  8:30PM Cape Coast Stadium
Day 5 – Saturday 29th July
PANAFEST@Grand Durbar Chiefs & Queen Mothers
Procession of Royal Pagentry Kings Queens & Asafo   -   11AM Victory (Jubilee) Park  Cape Coast
International Performances   -   7PM Cape Coast Stadium
Day 6 – Sunday 30 July
African Storytelling9AM Ekumfi Atwia
Interfaith Dialogue   -  2PM Cape Coast Stadium Conference  Room
Performances  -   7PM Cape Coast Stadium
Day 7 –  Monday 31 July
Diaspora Workshop   -   Cape Coast Stadium Conference Room
Performing Artist Workshop   -   9AM Centre of National Culture
Redemption March   -   7PM Mfantisipim Junction
Reverential Night  -   8PM Cape Coast Castle Courtyard
Day 8 -  Tuesday 1st August
Emancipation Day  -  11AM Assin Manso
Emancipation Concert   -  7PM Cape Coast Stadium
Closing Awards & Cocktails   -  700PM African Regency Hotel Accra
Contact Info:
Heritage House Near Chapel Square Cape Coast
 024 397 1762   -   026 515 1241  -   024 496 2202
C728/3 - 4th Crescent Aslum Down  -   Accra
030 223 4960  -   030 222 1877  –   020 435 4332
024 428 6642   -   020 815 8288   -   020 172 2246



I am honored to have opportunity to display my book THE WATCHMAN A study Guide How to Mature as a Prophet at this spectacular International event at Cape Coast Sports Stadium.

Those of you attending only the festivities in Accra, THE WATCHMAN is available at the W.E.B. DuBois Center Museum. 

THE WATCHMAN is also available through Amazon and various locations throughout Ghana. locations in Ghana

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