Tuesday, July 4, 2017


The Spirit said to me, "Live life to its fullest, you will only pass this way once".

I have given much thought to that admonition given so long ago.  I thought in a linear humanistic way. I thought my living life to the fullest meant to enjoy life but continue in your assignment of those duties as an apostle or my perceptions of what I had conceived the apostolic work to be. This was a correct assumption; however, I missed the unspoken pertinent aspects and fullness of what the Spirit spoke.

I got the “live life to its fullest” part, however, misconstrued the “you will only pass this way once” part.  I perceived this as when one dies that’s it. Therefore, the dilemma created within my mind, after receiving additional revelation, was “this way” either meant a particular place, time and season of  one’s approach or manner in which to live life or it meant reincarnation. Could it be possible that it means both?

Although the Spirit pulled me out of the religious System, I still held on to some of the misconceptual fallacies taught in Christianity that most of us have been introduced to. In particular, in regards to the "Great Commission"; many assumed that all were charged and are responsible for "saving" the so-called sinner. This is also true.  However, the way we have gone about doing it is totally and completely flawed. The way we have misjudged another human being, devaluing the god in them, to label them as a sinner is defective.
These concepts and beliefs are unsound because they are inconsistent  with  truth and G-D’s intent for the variety and uniqueness of mankind.

We have not come to the realization of who we are and our purpose for being. Humans have not unified with the One G-D they all say we serve.  Therefore, how can we help anyone when we are in need of help?  These inadequacies have engendered within humans an intolerance for others culture, beliefs and way of life.  We have become critical and non receptive to those who do not follow the paths of  Christian orthodoxy. 

Christianity proclaims that there is only one way, namely theirs.  Therefore, the average Christian is deluded into thinking that others are sinners. Yet, they insist that Jesus died to save the world.

The Spirit revealed a higher way to me as I worked,  studied and researched to give the work and my life meaning; after all I got, I still did not get IT.

Spirit patiently and lovingly waited, as it is so with all humans to give us those divine nuggets of truth that if accepted, would lead us to an abundant life.

Those truths are not always what we think them to be and will most definitely do not fit into the humans linear 3-D mode of thought. Thus,   a shift in consciousness is paramount to humans receiving Light, becoming awakened in order to be restored.  It is this light of acceptance, honor and respect of the god within others that exudes from spiritual beings that cultivates love and empathy for others that will bring them into the light.

Therefore, without an awakening; without this shift into true spiritual awareness and consciousness;  that would give one ability and capacity to receive divine revelations of truth, one have nothing to offer others if they reside in that old religious conscious energy.

This renewal of mind of restoration is putting on the mind of a Christ.  It is through one Christ or god consciousness where one receives ability and knowledge  to make the shift into Restoration.  This is accomplished by tapping into Innate. It is the Innate that bridges the gap to our higher self.

The old thought paradigm of  old religious energies are what prevents humans from making the shift into  spiritual reality. Catch the vision...

Hotep Light One Love!
Apostle Rubie James

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