Saturday, June 17, 2017

Learn How To Give

I was awakened this  morning at 6AM to the overly loud sound of religious colonized beatless Ghanaian music resounding through my window.

Ghanaians seem to have no respect for others in attempt to show an outward display  of their boisterous  conduct to project upon others how holy they are.

The song finally being sung in English that I did recognize was: "We shall Overcome". I pondered within my mind if they truly knew the meaning behind those words. Now don't for a second think that Ghananians and the African are the only nation of peoplse who got it wrong. As I have said multiple times before, I live in Africa. The message of Restoration is to those who dwell in and came from the Mother Land of all created humans first. Whether you disagree or not is of no consequence but don't you dare call it racism!

Africans and those of Diaspora were subjugated to a foreign way of life that eliminated them from their culture, their Ancestors, the Ancients of Days, World and biblical history by greedy, mindless men who took away all that they were; plagiarized their spirituality, watered it down and gave it back to them in a convoluted and controlling religion call Christianity.  So don't you Christians dare blame the Africans for being or acting the way they do because you are responsible for it. Now, you must deal with truth regardless, in order for you to find your way back to true spirituality! 

Now for the rest of the story!

There was  a message from Spirit impressed within my mind.

On a rare occasion, when I went out to a public place, someone who said that she was an Evangelist confirmed the message I was given. Not that message only but the messages that  my Enlightened Royal  Son, has been saying to me for some years now.

Let me release Counsel before I give the message. “Surly the Lord God will do nothing unless He first reveal His Secret Counsel to the Prophets”, meaning the awakened and enlightened ones.

Now for the message.  "Why the people of G-D are not manifesting the blessings of Word and Revelation in their lives"--"You have come to the Prophet empty handed!  You have received from the Prophet and have not given!"

The Blessings of G-D are Yes and Amen--And so it is.   However, we must know how to ask, give and receive! We must know how to release and invoke the Spirit to bring our blessings to manifestation and fruition!

There are prerequisites, if you will, to Spirit and the spiritual beings, guides or ‘angels on assignment’ to release our spoken words, thoughts and the blessings of the Most High into humans lives.  

The Scripture Chronicle(s) these fundamentals. “Put your trust in the Lord your G-D and you will be established.  Put your trust in His Prophets and succeed.”  

As an Apostle (while in training from a Deacon on), I have held the position that the Prophet should not have to ask  the people  for support or for humans to give into ministry and that the Spirit would always direct such a one to sow joyfully without provocation.  Therefore, I have never asked.

The situation in the church today; the ‘pimping’ of the people, has put a bad taste in everyone’s mouth as it should!  At the same time the false Sheppard’s are misusing the people, the false and baby prophets not only release falsehoods for those 'itchy ears'; half truths and perhaps quote memorized Scripture without pure intent or anointing from Spirit. Therefore, the Word is not being activated to accomplish its purpose.

There are true and anointed prophets whose prophecies may not come to pass. However,  any prophecy is a mere probability because the Spirit work through humans who have been given free choice to change or create situations in their lives and the lives of others. That's the beauty and power behind  free-will.

How many times has Truth and Word been released in your life and you are still waiting for it to come to fruition and manifest in the here and now?

Well, if one do not grasp this basic Principle or Law of Giving; Reaping and Sowing,  they will continue to be fruitless and the Kingdom will not materialize or manifest in this earthly realm for them.

This is why so many look to a future heaven only after death. However, the Way of  entering into the Kingdom of the New  Heaven  and a New Earth was presented over 2,000 years ago!

It is sad that many refuse to accept it and that leaders do not know how to guide the people into the Kingdom of Heaven. They hold onto the old energies of a Sadducee  and a Pharisaical  churchy concept that keeps humans from reaching their full potential of coming into the knowledge of who they are and why they are here on earth.  

The Prophets or the Enlightened One's (or a new synonym I have recently been introduced to--Light Workers) has been selected and ordained  to activate Light of divine knowledge of Life and that more abundantly in love!  G-D is the G-D of Life and the living not of the dead!

If, you have done something the same way year after year after year and it has not worked, wouldn't it stand to reason that something is amiss?  The Bible  says,  "you have not because you ask not then you ask amiss." Therefore, you ask, not beg or go on one of those auctioneer tangents to get money from the people, particularly at a church function.

Those within the religious System, working within the Five-Fold Ministry must teach true giving. Stop pimping the people and  teach the true concepts behind "Reaping and Sowing",  "Like for Like", etc., which is Divine Law.  However, One must learn and in most instances experience a thing before they can teach it! If you do not give, how can you expect others to give to you? No amount of money can pay for truth and revelation. Many are they who manipulate people into giving. That manipulation tactic, used by some under the pretense of prophesying, is asking amiss and totally ungodly.

The  Prophets and Apostles today must be aware of  the wickedness of those leaders who have misused the people, in the sense that they do them harm as well when they do not release  light and love.  Blessings cannot and will not be activated in the lives of humans if leaders  continue not to stand in the gap, releasing Love and Light teaching people how to freely live or give.

The Spirit has said to me  (Others can do whatever you will with it as with everything I AM given. I merely give, the rest is between you and your God what you do with it).

"The Prophets; the Enlightened One's, those workers of Light must humble ourselves and ask. In asking, it triggers an urging within one’s spirit to give.  The Spirit of Giving is initiated which invokes Spirit (Law) into action and approval to manifest blessings into the physical realm to the reality of fulfillment because of not only the Word and 'intent' but  obedience."

Obedience to Spirit activates and brings forth the manifestation of Word and Revelation into our lives.

The bottom line is that if you want to see Word and Revelation come to fruition in your life; if you want to see the Blessings and Promises  come into manifestation in the physical realm NOW; "give in the name of a prophet and receive a Prophets reward"

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