Saturday, June 17, 2017

How Long Will Humans Ignore The Signs?

How long will you waver between two opinions? How long will you avoid the Light of knowledge of darkness and chaos of a worldly System of the darkened consciousness of worldly government elites that do not want you to know truth or be prepared to deal with the issues that will affect every human on the face of this earth.

Another conspiracy theory you say? I say that it is the Most High warning the people of changes that will come.  The changes that has come for humans to make the Shift that will save their souls. Everything is relevant and connected to this new dispensation of Restoration into the shift of spiritual consciousness. 

I am not predicting an apocalyptic dooms day end of the world or an Armageddon or what many call a rapture. I am predicting and end to an old world; an end to the old worldly System and to an old consciousness. Into the Restoration of spiritual awareness and a spiritual consciousness of integrity for a new world, a new heaven, a new earth.

There has already been a shift in the earth's axes. Those who have been awakened,  their bodies are now being re-calibrated in order  to handle the fall out of radiation from Nibiru and many will escape the catastrophes that will come.

Not only has the earth shifted, there was a shift of old energy from a dark religious consciousness into a new spiritual conscious awareness.  

Many of your Prophets and church leaders got on board to mimicked the revelations received from the enlightened one's in regards to the Shift.  Yet, they did not receive the profundity of this truth to teach people or seek G-D for understanding... Just church as usual. 

The Shift soon waned as they resettled into their apostasy of false God worship, greed,  chaos and darkened minds teaching the people a convoluted gospel. Many have rejected the enlightened humans and spiritual beings who are to shed light for humans to walk into the new; to receive their inheritance of a new heaven and a new earth right now! Those who are of the royal family of the Ancients of Days who proclaim the true message of Restoration and the shift within our understanding of human knowledge  are denigrated and treated deplorably as an object of derision.

Believe, my African brothers and sisters  the Jesus your enslavers and colonizers gave to you as your savior; taking away all that you were,  is not coming back to save you from this spiritually scientific celestial designed anomaly. Not my African brothen only but to all humans upon the face of this earth. That old religious System is no longer workable and you all must come into the new. "Behold I AM making all things new"!

That old energy; that old thinking; those old ways cannot and will not enter into the New Heaven and New Earth--The New Jerusalem. Catch that vision!

The earth (Gaia) is going through Her 2600 year cycle of cleansing Herself. This Shift is not only spiritual but will have affect on every world and government systems that operates with lack of integrity.  Mother Gaia will shake from Her inner core to cleanse Herself of ALL things out of sync with Her.

Humans trash the earth, pollute the atmosphere, hate,  lie,  gossip, cheat and steal from their brothers and even kill them. Many have turned a blind eye to receiving truth to serve themselves and their demigods.
Someone, please tell me how can humans escape the results of their actions and evil ways?

Don't be fooled to think all is well as you continue to go to your churches thinking yourself godly and perhaps doing G-D a favor as you continually slap the prophets, enlightened ones and royal progeny of  G-D in the face.

I say and continue to say,  "RESTORATION HAS COME"! 

Hotep Light One Love!
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