Thursday, May 25, 2017

World Advancing or Reverting

I share various social media platforms receiving a great variety of messages and photos with thoughts inscribed on them from around the world. These are two such photos. 

As many of you who have read are aware, I reiterate for new comers, I have been appointed as a Watchman, a Channel by the Ancients of Days, to the Nations to proclaim the Divine Universal Message of Restoration.  Since, I am in Africa and are of African decent, I have been specifically drawn to Ghana with a mandate to "follow the paths of the Ancients". I speak first to an ancient race of people who have been 'Whited-out' of European and Western histories who are to be restored to receive their birthright. 

My royal family consists of Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, and White of those birthed in Zion and whosoever will follow the Way of the Ancients in Spirit and Truth. I said that to say that I have no biases or racial tendencies towards any human creations only towards ignorance. Therefore, if you find racism within any of these divinely inspired messages, I suggest that such a one evaluate themselves and look into their own heart. I do not apologize for truth, neither do I dabble in religious apologetics. Truth proves Herself.

A day after celebrations of Ghana's founder, the great Kwame Nkrumah, many will return to complaining about the plight they face as Ghanaians (Africans).  The significance of the memories of Kwame's accomplishments will revert back into the recesses of their minds.

Still today,  Africans and those of Diaspora, the raping of our heritage,  culture and spirituality still exists.

They are still hanging us;  they are still beating us out of living the life we were accorded, to receive; justice,  fairness and liberty.

The Confederate flag is still waving and they are still killing us hiding behind that same old regalia 'murder by badge", false imprisonment;  hangings to record it on video, as they have always done as a warning for others, then distributed it for us to see as the elite's watchdogs race to censor and delete it from social media to keep the world in ignorance of what they are still doing to those of Diaspora.

Yet, many  Africans give up their colonized prison to go into  a White jail of industrialized slave institutions called the USA and Europe. You give "lip service" to the memory of the great Kwame Nkrumah while continuing to adhere to your colonizers way of life.

The worse most pathetic  is that those of Diaspora come home and are treated worse than the White raciest System ever treated it's "Coloreds".

You have murdered us,  you have killed our spirits,  crushed our dreams, taken our rights, evaded our privacy, offended our intellect and have not protected us.  Instead, you steal from us, you lie to us, you  scam and take from us thinking we had easy lives and that our life long earnings were handed to us on a silver platter. You act and think as if we owe you and that we can afford what you take steal and scam.

How do you accomplish or do these things you say? All Africans  or Whites are not like the many you say?

I invite and admonish you all to take inventory. Take an honest census of the colonization mindsets, you think you do not have,  towards the way you treat those of Diaspora even towards one another, as you proclaim "I'm proud to be African"!

Undoubtedly,  you will find  that you will  come face to face with the realities of why Ghana and Africa is in the state that it is in.

America and Europe you are shamefully evil.  You work behind the scenes covertly taking advantage of those greedy Africans that you trained; that you taught to be so. You then turn African against African while dictating the opinion of,  instituting a false  consensus of,  from your contrived evil agenda; have swayed world opinion of the African.  You have corrupted the mindsets of  your country people as to how illiterate,  how greedy and corrupt, pathetic, worthless and lazy Africans are.

Shame on you!  I know of too few Africans or those of Diaspora who can and will say it better! Catch the vision! The following video has been censored. Where there is a will, there is a way. Video available CLICK HERE


I say this with nothing but  and in the Spirit of love from my heart.   Hotep Light One Love  Apostle J
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