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Easter & Passover

Almost everything the Creator has given to humans our adversary  has  contrived a counterfeit. A counterfeit is defined as a copy in order to deceive. A counterfeit closely resembles the originality of a thing.

Know that because I have been called to the Nations that the premise from which I teach is Judeo-Christian principles having received direct revelation. I use primarily the Bible Scriptures and other holy writings of Antiquity in order to establish a consensus.  This I do to reconcile all believers to the prophetic and spiritual truth to their heritage and inheritance, in particularly Hebrews, Hamites and Cushites.

In using the Scriptures and Bible, my aim is to unite the Christian thought and the true Christ Principles with other ways of life devoid of denominational doctrine or religious dogma in attempt to restore the original godly Principles for which Christianity was derived.

I feel as though I should reiterate that this message or any message is not an attempt to twist anyone’s arms or force anyone to do anything. My job, as an oracle of truth, is to present truth and revelation that was given to me to those who have ears to hear. What one does with it is their business and between them and the god within them. However, I must relate the Heart of Divine Universal Mind in regards to revelation and truth at my current level of spiritual ascension.

Humans must stop picking and choosing what portions of truth one wants rejecting the rest. We are living in critical times when wisdom is increasing and many must stop straddling that fence. We must stop condemning other humans to a hell if they don’t believe the way we do.  We must stop the divisiveness to come into the realization that it is love, acceptance and unity that is the basis of a kingdom and a spiritual restoration and resurrection.  Otherwise one is merely fooling themselves.  Yet, one is free to do as they wish. This is the beauty of choice.  However, your choices and what you choose to believe should have no coercive influence or denigration towards another human being or their beliefs. Therefore, as a channel for truth, I have done my job and I thank those of you who have allowed me to do just that!

The Christ, YAHshua, whom many call Jesus, in addition to keeping the ‘seventh day Sabbath’, also kept the Passover. In fact, according to the Bible, he was  the Passover.  Even that has become shrouded with myths and fables that took humans attentions and focus away from the reality of Resurrection. Yet the progenitors of Christianity removed the Hebraism of the Christ creating a perfect Greek Jesus in  White-washing  and removing the spiritual practices and cultures of the Ancients of Days. They then demonized the Way with half truths that these nations would not recognize themselves.
In doing so, they created confusion, controversy and disunity. 

The Passover and Easter are not synonymous, as most would believe. However, I submit to you that both Easter and Passover tells the same story of  a Resurrection and Restoration and both must be understood in the spiritual sense and aptly applied and recognized in their metaphoric intent.

The Christian church protests that Easter is when G-D in Flesh,  Jesus was raised from the grave. However, the Christian myth was first related of Horus or Osiris who were the embodiment of divine goodness, wisdom, truth and purity.

Easter is an ancient holiday that celebrates the vernal equinox (springtime) and the ‘day of the SUN’ or Light.  The SUN is  the SON's of Light. 

The Passover was the first rendering in the Hebrew Scriptures. However, with the many transliterations of the Bible down through the years, the Passover story became the Easter story or did the Easter story become the Passover story?

Easter is associated with the goddess of life and fertility. Does this make Easter a counterfeit? 

Prior to my awakening, and being freed from the false histories and denigration of  the Chosen Nations of people who has been depicted as heathens and polytheistic, could it be that the Passover is a story that was based on an ancient culture of people millennia before the Israelite's?

The word Passover was adopted with the Exodus of a ‘mixed multitude’ who were dissidents from Egypt. However, the story we received and believe was that they were in bondage.

How ironic that I started writing about how Easter is a counterfeit, however, the Spirit is now giving me a new message as I type.

I have come to realize that through study, research and revelation (past and current), Easter may not be a counterfeit as most of us who are coming into the truth and revelation of their Hebrew heritage may think.  

The Scriptures and the Bible has been “White-washed” so that many have come to believe their own manipulating falsehoods.  Yet, don’t think for a moment that the elite are not aware of even their errors in controlling the masses through a White-washed bible and a false religious System. 

Humans are waking up to truth. This is why many say that the bible contradicts itself and indeed it does, however, there is still truth for us today for those with discerning minds.

So who is right?  Those who keep the Passover or those who celebrate Easter?  Both are right! It is the lies, intent and the traditions of those warped religious mindsets who perpetuate a false history who wants to keep humans in the dark of who they truly are that makes anything wrong.

Could it be that the Passover was based on an ancient story from an ancient civilization?  

For anyone who believes in a Divine Creator, specifically Christians, the Christ-Man, raised from the dead is a celebration of life!

Historically, each civilization had their own culture and spirituality serving the same G-D. The Creator did  not  just appear on the scene to be a G-D for the Hebrews or Christians only.  It is religion that have twisted and perverted other cultures and their way of life merely because of their intent on controlling the masses. In doing this, they have engender hate, racism, non acceptance of other cultures and division among the human race.

Ancient civilization worshiped the Creator in all things created.  Why? Because they came to realize that the Most High created all things for the glory of humans  and all  things are a part of G-D! All of creation is a reminder of the omnipotence of a Divine Creator. We honor G-D and creation when we honor the god within ourselves, others and the earth too is a living spirit/soul of which we are all a pertinent part of and are all responsible for the regulation of the conditions that make life on this earth possible.

If we humans could grasp this reality we can respect and honor all humans and honor the Creator by honoring and respecting this earth.  We will then come into the realization that we can live on this earth honoring and loving ourselves, others and this earth. This will eliminate our destructiveness of the beautiful earth that we live on.

The love of the Ancients of Days will be cultivated within our hearts and minds.  There will be no more wars. We humans had best catch that vision. Mother Earth (Gaia) is preparing to shake Herself from the inner core to rid Herself of all those who are out of harmony and sync with Her. This can be called the New Heaven and New Earth.

The entire premise of Restoration and Resurrection is that humans will be restored as gods and co-creators to become the New Man who will inherit the New Earth.

Of course there will always be disagreements merely because we are all human.  However, we can all agree to disagree and save humanity from their own destruction and from destroying this earth.

Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!    
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