Monday, January 9, 2017

The END is Here NOW!

I tell you the end of the World, as we know it, is here.  It is not the end as have been taught, prophesied and predicted through a tainted religious systematic perspective of the erroneous miss translations and applications of the Scriptures and the Bible. The end is not of a false apocalyptic imagery and a dooms day Armageddon that will end the World!  It is not that of looking for the Second Advent of Christ to beam us up in the air, popularly known as a rapture.  It is the end of the old paradigm; to that of shifting humans into the New if we can only receive it. 

It is not something that was, will be or is to come but something that is! It is a timeless event because our Creator, the Most High is not contained to time or space. 

The Mysteries of the metaphoric analogies presented in the Bible, Christendom have used to seized the inheritance of the Sons and presented a warped judgmental view of the Way.  It has taken the Kingdom by force and have used these Prophetic Mysteries to initiate fear and control when the biblical presentations were merely shadows and types to guide humans in the restorative process while here on earth.   

These  Mysteries, religion have miss translated taking a literal view and contrived into a heaven/hell doomsday doctrine was intended to point humans to the right path of Restoration into the reality of the I AM within. 

The Little Book has been opened! Those “Open Doors” that have been sat before us that no man can close is the portal that will take the enlightened ones beyond the Veil.

Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!     
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