Saturday, January 21, 2017

Spirit Said Tell Them Your Story

Greetings and Shalom Royal Family.

The Most High has brought some things to my attention.  I was reminded of how I reacted with the Bishop, my deceased ex-husband as he taught me. The Spirit began to cut off, hone out all the misconceptions, false concepts and erroneous teachings of religion within my mind and began to reveal certain truths to me.

I went as far as to whine, whimper, slinging snot, pouting, and walking away yelling at the Bishop, angry because what he was telling me was moving me into a space not comfortable for me.  I shouted to the Spirit, in one of my childish tantrums, “I don’t even know who I am anymore”. The Spirit merely said, “That’s the point”. Ha ha, that gave me a lot to think about as the Spirit impressed upon my why. What a sense of humor. Spirit goes on to speak the famous line from the movie Star Track: “I will take you to where no man has gone before”.

The Spirit has reminded me of those experiences because of many of you.  I do not particularly like sharing personal Word or my life’s experiences merely because the unregenerate man still often times do not understand the intent or receive.  Many out of ignorance will denigrate, twist and pervert to use it against you. Some can not see the work or hand of the Most High or the ‘miracle’ of growth and change positively. Let me tell ya, the Most High will use anything or anyone and every situation to bring us into the Will for our life and don’t need our permission.

The Spirit said to me: “ You sometimes go overboard because they do not receive. Yet you explain why you do which is good. Many feel your spirit of contrition towards them, yes they feel love as well but their spirits are weak. Remember how you felt when you were being brought out…they too feel that pain of releasing falsehoods. Tell them your story, you will be amazed at how many will hear and not judge”.

Well, parts of my life’s story is contained in my book THE WALLS WE BUILD. I am not promoting it just that it would be another book and way to long to post on this platform, if I were to tell all.

It has not been easy for me, as a woman in ministry for over 35 years  having been called, chosen, broken and taken through a rigorous dissembling process to “teach those who think they know”. This mandate within itself has made me prey for those dwelling in the lower flows of half truths.  It has made me a target for many who feel that they must protect ‘their’ people and ‘their’ pulpit. It has made me an object of derision. My family turned away from me thinking I was walking in error.  One pastor went as far as to attempt to trip me while I was delivering a message.  lol, I remember how the Spirit seemed to lift my feet in harmony and cadence with the message as I moved in the anointing. I have literally been lifted from dangerous situations.  Even here in Ghana, I experienced a spirit of jealously that came against me to fall down steps while leaving a conference.  But the Spirit foiled that evilness and landed me on the cement in slow motion as on a pillow; then showed me the woman who released the harm.

The enemy of death has attempted to destroy me, even before I was born. I have not always been so spiritual and have taken many detours.  The most important thing is that all of my experiences have made me into the woman I am today. 

Therefore, we must stop calling things we do not understand evil or bad.  We must not judge another from what the Most High uses to bring them into truth.  It is not them one comes against it is the Spirit of the Almighty. How dare any of us judge G-D! How would we know what is not good for us if we never experienced it?  We are all eating from the Tree of knowledge of good and ‘evil’ or good and not so good.  This is how our character is perfected to that of the Most High. 

I can stand firm in my election, my face as flint, not looking to the left or the right because I know who the Most High is and how the Ancients of Days cares for humans. I know beyond a shadow of doubt who I AM as I walk in my Life-Purpose from glory to glory. I have been beyond the veil and sometimes forget there are those who have not ascended into the Holy Place or the Most Holy Place.  Many are they who dwell with the masses who think they have entered the Outer or Inner Courts. Our Ancestors are saying  SANKOFA.

Royal Children of the SUN, come go with me beyond the veil…

Hotep, Light & Love
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