Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Divine Universal Mission For Ghana And The Nations

Kingdom Greetings to all of my new friends, students and readers.

With a new year upon us many have made resolutions.  Please allow me to reiterate my perpetual resolution. Allow me to introduce myself for those who do not know me. I am Apostle Rubie James. To many, I am called Ama Asantewaa. I was elected and sent to Ghana on a mission. That mission is Restoration.

The Tower of Return Monument Project is a very important and pertinent project that plays an integral role in the Universal Divine Mission of Restoration for Ghana, Africa and Africans home and abroad.

Restoration requires a change in mindsets. Through the colonization and Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, we were forced to take on the mindsets, religion and ways of our captors. Therefore, we have lost our way becoming acclimated to a watered-down version of the true Way of the Ancients of Days. This was done in order to control us and keep us from the knowledge of our royal inheritance and the power given to us by the Most High. We therefore, lost memory of who we are and why we are here on this earth. 

The Spirit has told me: “Africa would be restored beyond Her former beauty and that it would begin  in Ghana having the domino effect over the entire Continent.” However, it is up to us to receive what the Spirit is giving to us and put it into action.

The Most High said to me: “Everything the Spirit does is to build up the Kingdom. Everything you do is for building up those who are to rule in the Kingdom and to build up Kingdom children.

Many concepts have been lost. My people are scampering to find their places in a society that has never accorded them opportunity to expand and grow. Therefore, their history, purpose, divine traits and talents have regressed into the recesses of their consciousness. 

This is why you never relent never give up proclaiming truth merely because you think they won’t understand or they are not ready. You are right, those of whom I AM will send will capture the essence of Me and awaken their senses to receive. They will become enlightened.

You are right not to loose your focus by taking on projects that will do just that. Many are they who wish to dissuade you never loose sight of your mission the mission We have set you on. My son(s) will be set free.” 

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