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Revelation of Chanukah

THE STORY OF CHANUKAH  (Hanukkah) also known as the Feast of Lights and the Feast of Dedication began during the reign of King Nebuchadnezzar and  Babylon captivity of the people of the Most High.  (The spelling is different because Hebrew is a guttural language, originally with no vowels, therefore the letters represents the guttural sound.)

Because of the defilement's of the commandments of YHVH, the Holy days, and turning from the Ways of the Ancestors to the worship of idols, the Prophet Jeremiah prophesied 140 years prior of Babylonian captivity.

The captivity of YHVH’s people along with a succession of Kings and kingdoms were told by   Daniel the Prophet.

Daniel was a child of royal descent when Nebuchadnezzar came against the people, destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple. Because of Daniels loyalty and obedience to the Holy Ordinances, and Commandments, Daniel was exalted to a position of honor while in Babylonian captivity. Daniel was taught in the ways of the Chaldean's and most importantly, Daniel was given the gifts of dreams  and visions and interpretations of dreams and visions.

The same visions and revelations Daniel received were attested to by a host of prophets before Daniels time all the way to the Book of Revelations.

The major theme of Daniel was the dream  given to Nebuchadnezzar about the great awesome image.

This image represented a succession of Kings, Kingdoms and eras in history and as with most Old Testament prophecies were meant to enlighten the people and to warn them of impending disasters.

The literal interpretations of the Image have been fulfilled.  The prophetic aspect of Daniel and Revelation has been made an object of apocalyptic imagery, debate and scandal to which we still find the Chosen people being led astray as they have become acclimated to misinterpretations, false teachings and beliefs in addition to tradition and false interpretations.

Most often I hear that 'Jesus' did away with the Law.  Yet YAHshua  said, “I come not to destroy the law and the prophets but to fulfill”.

E.E. Cleveland said, “To reject the Old Testament is to reject the New because the Old Testament is the New Testament concealed and the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed”.

Within the pages of the Holy Scriptures and the Holy Bible were revealed all that humans needs to live a long fruitful life; to be regenerated into the likeness of Christ; and, to be informed as to what is to occur in the last days or as Amos and I say, “The Third Day”.

This Great Image had a HEAD OF GOLD – Represented King Nebuchadnezzar and Babylonian rule.

BREASTS AND ARMS OF SILVER – Represented Medeo/Persia, in particular Antiochus Epiphanies.

BELLY AND THIGHS OF BRONZE – Represents the Grecian rule with Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, Mark Anthony, Ptolemy’s etc.


STONE CUT OUT OF THE MOUNTAIN THAT CRUSHED THE STATUE – Is of the DIVINE KINGDOM AGE of which we are living now and being Restored back to the Ways of the Ancients of Days.

The era that I want to focus on is the rule of the Medes and Persians.

During the first part of rule of the Medes under King Darius because Daniel dedicated himself to worship YHVH and to give YHVH glory for all things, Darius made a decree to rebuild the Temple and Jerusalem.

Many came against the restoration of the Temple.  Darius died.  The Persians and a host of evil rulers killed the people of YHVH returning them into bondage and captivity.

Antiochus Epiphanes was the worse.  He entered the Temple taking all the precious vessels that had been returned by Darius.  He taxed the inhabitants of Judah, shedding innocent blood  of the priests in the sanctuary and forced the people to serve other gods (of which many Christians of today still worship), profaning the 'Temple' and  Sabbaths.  This was know as the  literal fulfillment of the “Abomination of Desolation” spoken by Daniel.

The Chosen One's were forced to go underground to preserve the Way of the Most High.  Those found with Scriptures were put to death. However, there is always got a “Ram in the Bush”.

Mattathias the Priest:  Spoke against this blaspheming of the Holy City, the Temple and the People and vowed that he and his house, brothers and father would walk in the Laws and Ordinances of YHVH.  The revolt had begun.

Judas Maccabees was more popularly known as he followed in the footsteps of his father Mattathias conquering kings and kingdoms.  YHVH gave Judas victory in   all battles as he regained the Holy City, the Holy Vessels and freed the people to return to the Ways of The Most High and to the Holy Land.

When they went into the Temple to clean it and restore the Holy Vessels  Holy oil was found to light the Menorah  to burn for one night.

The Miracle was that the menorah burned for eight days and nights.  Seven days are required to sanctify the priest, the holy vessels and the sanctuary.

Thus the Temple of YHVH was  re-dedicated.  Many say that this re-dedication occurred on the 25th of Chesliv.

The Prophetic significance for us today is Restoration and re dedication of our divine temple (body); to remember  how The Most High intervenes on behalf of royal progeny; to show and remind us of how YAHSHUA was a MESSIAH bringing LIGHT that shines in darkness that would give insight and illumination to the inheritors of the Divine Seed.

This is why I choose to keep the Feast of Lights or the  Feast of Dedication--CHANUKAH.

The history and stories of some of the most important times in the times of the people of YHVH were eliminated from Scriptures by many down through history.  However, the Puritans were responsible for the elimination of the Apocrypha, which holds some of the Mysteries of the people of YHVH including the history of Chanukah. Also eliminated in the Canonization of Scriptures and the Bible were the Gnostic Scriptures and the Book of Enoch that would further elucidate on and reveal the Mysteries of the Restoration of a divine race of people.
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