Tuesday, November 29, 2016

From the Wilderness to Inheritance

Egypt also represents a place that we find substance, grain and full storehouses. We can find all that is needed to sustain us in Egypt during times of famine. Amos predicted a famine in the Land. This is not a famine of food or water, it is a spiritual famine and it is Now! It is a famine of ‘hearing’ (Shamah) Truth! 

We were not suppose to forsake Egypt (Africa) but to enter into the wilderness to receive enlightenment in the Principles of Divine Law that we may learn the contrast between bondage and freedom, from lawlessness and disorder to a people of Divine Order. It is in the wilderness that the Creator taught the people obedience. The first lesson was to teach the people to honor and obey instructions to carry on the Seventh-day Sabbath. Their first test was obedience and to trust in YAHVAH Raphah.

We learn lessons from all the experiences that we go through and that of which many of us are going through now. To attribute these experiences to a devil, demon and a satan, or a ruling Pharaohaic power diminishes the godly power and authority within us and the divinity of a Divine Creator! It is likened unto an extended stay in bondage with freedom at one’s fingertips! An extended stay only brings hardship of self induced bondage's and biases toward our Brother. Once the outer man has exhausted its resources, then it is time to move beyond the mindset of bondage through that dry place of purging in preparation to enter into the Promise Land! 
While dwelling in Egyptian bondage, many have thought it useless. Many have become acclimated to the hard heart and ‘ruling force’ of the unregenerate nature of Pharaoh. We should also remain cognizant that it is in Egypt that we find the substance required to sustain us. This is why throughout history, even Christ had to return to Egypt. It is here that we reunite with our Brothers and inner self, tapping into our faculties in order to allow the higher thoughts to process. It is in Egypt that we come to a spiritual awareness and NEED for the spiritual man to be manifested. This is to awake from the restrictions and bondage's, passing through the Red Sea into our inheritance of the Promise into a new land--our Canaan Land. 

Canaan means lowland. Canaan is the body consciousness. Canaan represents humbleness and receptivity and the unlimited forces of Being! This is where the flesh-man enters into and rediscovers that lost spiritual realm of unity and harmony buried within the Soul where the actual Promise is fulfilled. 

Canaan Land was inhabited by the descendants of Ham. Noah cursed Canaan saying, “A servant of servants he shall be to his brothers.” The Canaanites were given into the hands of the people and the name of the place was changed to Hormah. Harmah implies that through I AM we gain control of our Life Source and Purpose through the workings of Spirit. It is through Divine Law that Spirit transforms us into our Spiritual Inheritance of Christhood. 

Allow me to take a small detour to say that it has been a popular teaching throughout Western Christianity among Europeans, in order to maintain slavery, that ‘Hamites’ ( People of Color) were cursed. The Black Hebrew Nations of people were not cursed but were Chosen recipients of the Promise. It was the youngest son of Ham, Canaan, who Noah cursed. The curse had nothing to do with skin color. However, for years Mormons believed that the soul of the Hamite Nations (Blacks) were cursed and disallowed them membership in their organization. Now they do allow membership, however, they do not allow People of Color in positions of leadership. This is a common practice among many Western Christian churches today. These same traditions and falsehoods were forced upon the People of Promise in an attempt to free those African ‘heathens’, bringing them into Christianity, forsaking their way of Life. 

Westernized ‘Freed’ Blacks became segregated and began to set up their own churches with the same traditions of bondage and erroneous teaching traditions of Christianity becoming a basis of which many hold onto today. These falsehoods deeply rooted within Christianity keeps many in ignorance of their heritage and from receiving the Promise. 

It was under the influence of a beastly System that antichrist and racist concepts were intentionally introduced and Christianity forced upon the Chosen People in order to control them as slaves. However, those who enslaved soon became a byproduct of their own evil devices. As they forgot who they were, they began to believe and adhere to the falsehoods and erroneous teachings intended to control their subjects. Thereby, they too, became adherents in a false religious System of bondage.

 The Red Sea is a belief in Life. To cross the Red Sea represents coming into Life. Remaining in Egypt represents a separation from I AM that has taken up the abode within mans consciousness or the sensory or flesh man. Bondage suggests that life within the mind of man,  whereas part of the consciousness has been impregnated with falsehoods or a false substance exist. This consciousness must be overcome as ones soul crosses through the senses or the mortal concept is set aside and they are washed by the Waters of Life. This is in order to enter into a sanctified state, into dry land, to receive Manna and Waters of a New Life. 

Egypt also represents the Center of the World, the solar plexus of Life. The Solar Plexus is a complex core of radiating nerve fibers of the brain and nerve center that directs every System within the body. To the unregenerate mind, Egypt is darkness. Yet Egypt is the Mystery of Life where the experiences of flesh consciousness are transformed by the radiating firing of nerve fibers that are essential to the thought process for restoration of the mind back into the mind of Christ. This is where the spiritual man is awakened coming into an awareness that we have already been saved and that our bondage was an act of our own unregenerate thoughts and rebellion. 

This is what dictates the wilderness experience and how long one will reside in it. Our fleshly worldly mindset, rebellion, disobedience and rejection of ‘The Way’ or Divine Law that is designed to protect and direct us into freedom, is the prominent deciding factor. 

The Redeemed body and/or Christ Consciousness is to enter into the Promise Land! It is there that the Christ-man, which is our true ego and nature, is the only rightful heir to the Promise of Inheritance. Here we are groomed in Royal Order, Divine Law and Royal Protocol with spiritual thoughts to cross over Jordan to receive our inheritance of joint-heirs into the Kingdom as a Christ’.

The Jordan represents a stream of life flowing through the mind. It is in the mind where the adverse thoughts are removed and all presence of evil is cut off. This will allow god-consciousness to flow in the currents of Spirit to bring Light and one’s mind into harmony with Divine Mind. 

The Wilderness that the Children must pass through is their own ‘Wilderness of Sin’. The Wilderness of Sin represented missing the mark; falling short of the Promise of Inheritance in obedience to Divine Law. Divine Law is the Law of a Divine Creator! Divine Law is the very Principles of our Being. Divine Law is the underlying Principle of every human being and the universe. 

The Wilderness of Sin represents a material, combative and destructive thought process. Sin or error is departure from the Law of our being. It is a restrictive and clouded thought process out of harmony with Spirit and disjointed from Divine Mind. To believe that G-D is Creator of disorder, lawlessness and disease is the unpardonable sin. Mans sins cease to exist when one opens their mind to receive that we are heirs to only that of which is good. 

Many of us do not want to go through that drying out retraining process denoted by the wilderness experiences. The Wilderness experience represents individual consciousness and a multitude of undisciplined and uncultivated thoughts. This is why we must all go through those wilderness experiences, which will bring us to true redemption. It is in this place that Spirit can open our spirit by pouring in, replacing that dry thirsty spirit with those Living Waters of Life. Once Spirit pours within our spirit/soul, we become one with the Divine Presence receiving the blessings and Gifts of the Spirit. This is to get our attention and to draw us into a place where the  Spirit showers us with blessings once we learn to become obedient. We can then receive ability and capacity to ‘speak to the Rock’ that will gush forth those Living Waters into our dry soul. 

Divine Spirit then withdraws that we may begin to seek that refreshing. Unless we are showered with blessings, the Spirit cannot begin the work because we are dry and barren. We have not learned that our survival and very substance is contingent upon our obedience as we rely upon the Manna from heaven. We then can stand and wait on the Promise or we bring a Hagar into the equation because we’re tired of waiting for our time to come! 

We continue to thirst for the quenching of becoming impregnated and giving birth. Unfortunately many of us receive the blessings meant to quench that first thirst thinking that is all that there is. Some stay in the desert place becoming so dry that they are unable to become pregnant, getting jealous because they have created a situation where their longing becomes intolerable as they watch others give birth and grow right before their eyes. Finally, they become pregnant when they have given up their own will and ego to allow Spirit to bring to pass what was spoken. They give birth, but soon forget what it was like to be barren and basking in the memories of that first initial blessing from the presence of Spirit. 

Many do like Sara and Abram, we are still in the flesh and there has been no transformation. We attempt to rush the Promise and the process saying, “Maybe it is that I will be blessed through another”. We then move in that thought to fulfill the desires of our senses. As our thought becomes fleshly, it dominates the god-thought, introducing something else in the mix, where we end up producing Ishmael.

We then reject and cast out the Firstborn that we have created to die thinking that we have rid ourselves of the situations we now face. We want to throw him out of our sight and mind never to have to deal with him again. However, it is then that we come face to face with having to deal with our Brother returning to Egypt and our wandering in the Wilderness. The question is do you continue to treat your Brother treacherously or unjustly and unfairly? Know that the Creator of all of mankind will not tolerate ill treatment of those of who has been blessed and are heirs to the Promise. YHVH has harkened to the cries of the people of Promise. 

We must change our thought process! Our thoughts become words and words become things. Therefore we invoke Divine Law, although we know Spirit is working within and on our behalf, we bring into materialization Ishmael because we get tired of wanting. We get tired of waiting for Spirit to work out that within us which would prepare us to receive and produce the results of the Promise. We sell ourselves short. Yet, Spirit, still working the Will of the Father within us honors our requests. This is because Spirit is Law and Divine Spirit grants our requests as we call those things that are not as though they are. We must recognize that it is Divine Law at work. Divine Law is Spirit working within as we feed our mind and spirit with thoughts. Divine Law does not discriminate and will bring to manifestation into the earthly realm whatever we feed into our minds. 

Therefore, many of us create our own headaches. Divine Law necessitates that every action has a reaction and that ‘whatsoever a man sows that shall he reap’. Therefore, we have now created an Ishmael that we must deal with. However, now that we have birthed Ishmael, the Creator must honor that Firstborn that we have produced. How many of you know that, you just cannot get rid of Ishmael? You cannot just throw a few crumbs and a flask of water his way and expect that you have acted honorably. 

Ishmael received the Promise of Firstborn and just as the Creator honors the Promise of Inheritance, he also honors the Covenant of the ‘First’. Firstborns are always in line for a double inheritance. Therefore, we must deal with Ishmael as a Firstborn and do the right thing. No sense in getting jealous because you may reside in that Babe, fleshly stage and Ishmael pokes fun at the child you bore in your old age. We should be mature walking in acceptance of the Promise. We must make restitution for the ill treatment of the Hagar’s and Ishmael’s--and will now or later. It is better to raise Ishmael up as part of the household accepting that we created the situation by giving way to our fleshly nature and that it was because of one’s own self-will that Ishmael was conceived. 

When he was at the age of accountability, Ishmael was circumcised at the same time as all other males in Abraham's house becoming a part of the Covenant. Until we come to the realization that the Nations of Israel is our Brother; until we come to the realization that the Nation of Islam is our Brother and that we are all Nations of Promise, through Father Abraham having been circumcised through the foreskins of our hearts, there will always be contention and wilderness experiences for us all. But when we turn our hearts and minds from the beastly world Systems to the Covenant of Inheritance and the Covenant of Promise there will be peace and unity.

Catch the vision.
Hotep Light One Love!   
 Apostle Rubie James
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