Thursday, June 11, 2015

Make Us Holy?

I was listening to religious songs  this morning.  The lyrics in the course were sung: “Make us holy set apart for you”.

The Spirit dropped into my mind, If one is In-Christ walking in the Christ Principles have you not been made holy?  If one have the Testimony of Christ have they not been set apart?  If one has been made the righteousness of G-D, why would one continue to ask to be holy and set apart for service?  They are that already! 

People must come into the knowledge that the work of Redemption has been fulfilled and that the redeemed, should not have to continue to ask for something they already have or that of which they are!  If one has purchased something or  ordered a product, do they not expect to receive it?  Does one continue to wait and reorder over and over and over again?  This is what Paul meant when he said to “Move past the elementary basics of the Christ”.  “…until we all attain to the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son(s) of God, to a mature man”.

It is time to claim your inheritance of the Promise!  It is time to be Restored and Perfected!  The thing is to come into the knowledge of what the Promise of Inheritance  is.  

When one continuously ask for something they already have they become stuck in the basic rudiments of salvation, lacking the faith and knowledge necessary to bring them into that of which they have; that of which has already been given to them; that of which they are!

Therefore, one must walk worthy and lead in a manner worthy of the vocation of which they were called, to full capacity, in Spirit or as a Christ. One then “are no longer children doing childish things but growing (in the Redemption Process) into maturity as Sons".

If one does not know what the Promise is; if one does not know who, what or why or what their vocation or Life-Purpose, how can they come into maturity or become Teleios in order to fulfill their Life-Purpose.  Catch the Vision!

Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!    
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