Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hate Crimes On The Rise

Church Shooting in So Carlonia...Not surprising if one knows the history of the Carolinas.

How long will we as a disjointed Nation of people continue to pray only for deliverance from oppression and racism as we reject present day Moses' and Elijah'? How long will we continue to look at the topical aspects of racism or deny its existence at the cost of Black Lives and not understand, spiritually discern or see the major reason that these atrocities are finally being revealed at an International level? Many are they who sit on their haunches doing nothing, saying nothing as not to offend their White friends; still waiting for the "Slave Ship 'Jesus'" to come and rescue them! 
They are dwelling in a fairytale of apocalyptic imagery of an end-of-the world dooms-day and a so-called rapture to free them, failing to see what the Spirit is revealing to the Nations in order to come into these changing times.  First the physical then the spiritual.

After nearly 400 years in bondage, Redemption and Restoration has come for those who receive it! History is repeating itself for the Hebrew People! Catch the Vision!

 Apostle Rubie James
REVELATION TODAY for the Nations  
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