Thursday, March 26, 2015

Come Out of Her

The claim that the ancient Egyptians were polytheists who worshiped  animal gods has prevented the world and Afrikans from benefiting from the Ancient Egyptian Mystery System and the original Theory of  Salvation; the worlds greatest spiritual teachings.  

In fact, these Mysteries and Theory of Salvation is so great that the Scriptures and the Bible were the basis of these spiritual teachings. 

The Afrikan Ancestors way of life was based on the understanding that man is a divine being and not a human being. Their spiritual practices consisted not in the worship of deities or men but in the cultivation (awakening and developing) of man’s divine attributes. 

The various ceremonies were parts of an initiation system that took man through a step by step developmental process of their divinity…The system of cultivation of their divine faculties was responsible for the stupendous accomplishments of their civilization. It is thus that they were the pioneers of mathematics, religion, science, astronomy, architecture, medicine, literature, and so on. 

We need not confine ourselves to admiring their greatness. We can put to use their spiritual wisdom to the improvement of our lives today.”~ Ra Un Nefer Amen, Metu Neter volumes 1, 2, 3 The "portals" to this divine wisdom have opened. The Shift into Restoration of these Mysteries has come, to whosoever will.

“For centuries the world has been misled about the original source of the Arts and Sciences.   For centuries Socrates, Plato and Aristotle have been falsely idolized as models of intellectual greatness; and for centuries the African continent has been called the Dark Continent, because Europe coveted the honor of transmitting to the world, the Arts and Sciences. 

It is indeed surprising how, for centuries, the Greeks have been praised by the Western World for intellectual accomplishments which belong without a doubt to the Egyptians or the peoples of North Africa.” ~George G. M. James 

George Granville Monah James was a South American historian and author, best known for his 1954 book Stolen Legacy.  Doctor James was an African Guyanese scholar who held degrees and teaching certificates in theology, logic, Latin, Greek, philosophy, mathematics and history.  

In  his book Stolen Legacy, he  speaks of “Geometry and Arithmetic were sciences of transcendental space and numeration, the comprehension of which provided the 'key' not only to the problems of one’s spiritual (transliteration) being; but also to those physical one's…Astronomy dealt with the knowledge and distribution of latent forces in man and the destiny of individuals, places and nations."  

"Music (or Harmony) meant the living practice of philosophy i.e., the adjustment of human life into harmony with God; until the personal soul became identified with God…it was therapeutic, and used by the Egyptian Priests in the cure of diseases.  Such was the Egyptian Theory of salvation, through which the individual was trained to become godlike while on earth…” This musical interlude is called by the Ancient of Days "Harmonic Convergence".  This planetary alignment  of the magnetic field occurred in 1987 and marked light overcoming darkness that began a 2600 year cycle that shifted the earth into a 4th dimensional awareness in spiritual consciousness. It is this musical Harmonic Convergence that opened the portals into the Shift of Restoration and bridges the gap between this 3rd dimension of earth transfiguring one into the multiplicities of the Spiritual realm.--ZION!-- The New Jerusalem!

The elucidation of Dr James’ Stolen Legacy published in 1954 is a far cry from what we have been taught to believe of our Afrikan Ancestors, just as with the work of other prominent Afrikan Scholars, historians, professors, scientist, meta-physicians and theologians before him and even today!

I consider myself  a novice scholar in philosophy and theology although I know how to hold my own and are forever learning. I am spiritual and  I have came into the knowledge, I am an ontologist from the Light of the "Seven Sisters"--the Pleiades. Ontology is the study of the nature of being, becoming, existence or reality.

As a Teleios Apostle, elected to “Point” the people  out of religious bondage into the Higher Way of Truth in spirituality; and, to building up (Nations), a Body of Christ’; without any uncertainty whatsoever and with unflinchingly resolve,  I present a basic reconciled uncomplicated Truth of Renewal and Restoration in both Preparing Mindsets for a Higher Truth and Revelation Today for the Nations. 

The aforemention Blogs are merely venues and precursors to prepare one to receive the Master Teachers. As I learn and ascend to higher spiritual levels, I aim to share my knowledge in a simplified manner and reach back to bring willing souls with me. What one receives is between them and the god within.  I would have accomplished my mission and are grateful for the opportunity to point someone towards freedom.

As with utmost importance and in contrast to the esoteric Revelation of the Mysteries of the Kingdom and the ways of the Ancients; Christianity has also played a major role to plagiarize, rewrite, simplify, literalize and linearize the topical aspect of what the Romans and Greeks understood or should I say misunderstood of the Afrikan Ancestors.   

The Romans and Greeks demonized that of which they misunderstood;  reducing the importance of Afrikan sciences, philosophy, history and spirituality to create their own story and faith in their new found religion of Christianity. 

This religion took the Egyptian Mysteries and Theory of Salvation, confined and simplified the Ancient traditions to make a way for a united Christendom.   Therefore, the Romans and Greeks took not only the majesty of the sciences, and architecture, they robbed hieroglyphs and holy writings of the Temples in Afrika, ushering in the Dark Ages!

They demeaned the holy virtues of the obelisks, the All Seeing Eye or Eye of Horus or Eye of RA--The Eye of G-D passing the Edict of Theodosius, also known as the Edict of Thessalonica.  This edict closed the Egyptian Temples forcing the Priests and Initiates to go underground with the Mysteries.  The Romans  then prompted and promoted the spread of Christianity.

The Romans and Greeks  were in awe of the intellect, spirituality and philosophies of the  Egyptians.  Although they mimicked the priesthood with linen vestments, and shaven heads the Mysteries eluded them as Christianity spread.   

They had failed to capture the sacredness of the God-Head of the sacred feminine and the Sun of Righteousness; Isis, Osiris and Horus creating their own trinity, Madanna and Christos--a new  Way, Truth and Light.

As a result of the new One World Order of governing religion, they outlawed the Egyptian Mysteries, Pillars of Truth,
watered down the Theory of Salvation, condensed the 42-Principles of Maat to 10-Commandments;and, give Egyptian Divinity mythological names that were conducive to a pantheistic belief system.

Pantheism was popularized in the West in both theology and philosophy. This religion undoubtedly turned into the Beastly System of which the Bible speaks today. 

This false church, called the Great Whore contrived the lies, fairytales and false doctrines of the ‘traditions  of men’ that the Christ spoke of. These are the traditions and falsehoods of men that have kept a people in bondage for nearly 400 years. These are the traditions and false religious precepts of which I attempt to free our people from the bondage's and trappings of.  

I call these bondage's, and rightfully so, the slave mentality; A watered-down version of what was once ours that we can no longer identify ourselves.

Do not ever think that slavery just happened!  Do not delude yourselves to believe that apartheid and slavery were not an attempt to suppress, depress and oppress Afrikans!  

You are fooling yourselves to think that Christianity was not developed as a System of control to keep Afrikans and their descendants under 'thumb' of  a crumbling Greco-Roman Empire.  This Empire still exists today as the Vatican, the Kingdom of Men--a New  World Order!

As Nations of people, we have been hoodwinked, bedazzled, mesmerized, desensitized, baffled, and brainwashed! Don’t you think that it is time that we be restored and renewed to our rightful place?

"Come out of Her My people!"

Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!     
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