Thursday, September 18, 2014

Violence Was Engineered in Blacks

It looks like the NFL hired outside consultants to advise the league on its policies regarding players  involved in domestic violence.  However, in my opinion; the opinion of many Blacks and obviously the esteemed   Rev. Jesse Jackson, its a slap in the face!

The league recently announced that Lisa Friel, Jane Randel and Rita Smith—three white women—would serve “as senior advisers to the NFL on domestic violence issues.”  Read more at Al Jazeera

I do not condone domestic violence and was raised in that type of atmosphere.  I worked very hard to overcome that dysfunction and to understanding it and its source.  I was a very troubled and perhaps violent  young girl,  by today’s standards.  However, I soon learned that the violence came as a result of being  a product of  a generation of slavery and exclusion.   

I just wanted to be me and be accepted for who I was, whatever that was!  I came to understand that it was because of racism, lack of opportunities, the concepts that “Colored people can’t learn” and the injustices that I was faced with that made me want to rebel and fight back at an unjust racist System.   I retaliated and beat people up for calling me nigger. 
The point is that most of us are  products of White Americas dysfunctions!  I believe that they made us and now they must deal with us.  In order to deal with us and those deep-seated  tendencies that are a result of their violence’s towards us; that they engineered within us, they must now learn, know and understand us.  They cannot continue to force us to fit in that little box of categories that are not conducive to our inherent nature. 

Therefore, they are not qualified to deal with Black people  psychologically as they do not understand the total impact and nature of the consequences of what their fore-parents did nor do they understand the race  or know true history.  Therefore,  they are incapable of helping from behind those inadvertent or intentionally biased walls they have built.  Many are they who refuse to relent and accept  the reality of the facts.

Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!   
Apostle Rubie James
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