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One of the greatest animations I have ever seen with many lessons in the harsh conditions of life in reality, courage,  and overcoming the adversities  in the learning process  that comes  with living life; experiencing lessons good and  ‘not so good’.

I compare  the insights of the plot to an analogy  of the True Prophets and Apostles and the way they are plotted against, scrutinized for coming outside the “Box” and are rejected in their Metron and Life-Purpose.  This rejection often comes from those who think they are operating within their Life-Purpose free from the Traditions of men and falsehoods conjured up by the Religious System.
This 1989 animated musical action-adventure comedy-drama film directed and produced by Don Bluth and released by United Artists & Goldcrest Films is All Dogs Go To Heaven

The part that stuck with me the most, other than the life’s lessons it depicted was the song: YOU CAN’T KEEP A GOOD DOG DOWN!  

Sometimes we reject the Good “Charlies” who has overcome the odds, have been retrofitted, qualified and justified with what is needed to guide others to succeed in their Life-Purpose. 

However,  many are so wrapped up in their own selfishness’s and thoughts of  “What about my ministry”,  not knowing that these “Good Charlies” are needed to help you ascend into the next level of spirituality past the rudimentary basics into your ministry!  Most often one arrogantly reject Divine Universal Protocol Order and the Universal Divine Plan for their life!  
Many, in rejecting and coming against these 'Anointed Ones' or Christ’s, do not want to go through, what I call the dissembling process. They fail miserably the tests and precursors to the required training experiences that gives them the abilities and capacity to receive enlightenment and revelation to the Mysteries of  Truth.  These Truths and teachings would catapult them into their ministry at the appropriate time. 

Many, because these Christ' or those Spiritual leaders who walk in Christhood has been set apart and consecrated, most often  seemingly have character flaws to those coming into Spirituality from religion. Religious concepts most often causes one to have a problem with the personal character of the Teleios one, which will be the major test.

However, the Truths these Teleios one's possess are what causes the Children to grow while under their tutorship. When the time comes for one to walk in their Life-Purpose, Call and/or Election, they will be steadfast and founded upon the True Cornerstone of the Foundation Stones of Zion--The Prophets and Apostles and those Enlightened ones chosen for such a time as this! (I say Prophets and Apostles for those coming out of religion to understand.  However, Know that there are Masters who do not go by the titles in the Apostolic Order simply because they have never been entangled in Christiandom). 

No longer Children, those maturing will then be able to look beyond and accept the seemingly flawed character of these Teleios or  Mature One's.--You Cannot keep the anointed man or woman down!  Catch the Vision! 

Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!   
 Apostle Rubie James
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