Saturday, May 17, 2014

The 'R' Word is Not Going Away Until We Deal with It!


A Story That Black People Have Experienced That White People Have Been Afraid To Hear For Far Too Long

Things I'm pretty sure we all can agree on:
1. Racism still exists. (If you think it doesn't, you'll want to watch this.)
2. The statistics in this video are appalling and clearly not an anomaly.
3. We have to find a new way forward, because the status quo isn't working.
4. Melissa Harris-Perry is speaking the truth.

WOLFEBORO, N.H. (AP) — "A police commissioner in a predominantly white New Hampshire town says he won't apologize for calling President Barack Obama the N-word, and he sat with his arms crossed while angry residents at a meeting called for his resignation on Thursday.

Wolfeboro Police Commissioner Robert Copeland, who's 82 and white, has acknowledged in an email to his fellow police commissioners he used the racial slur in describing Obama.

Town resident Jane O'Toole, who moved to Wolfeboro four months ago, said she overheard Copeland say the slur at a restaurant in March and wrote to the town manager about it. Copeland, in an email to her, acknowledged using the slur in referring to the president and said he will not apologize".

I have said it before and I will say it again.  America cannot continue to sweep it indiscretions of racism under the proverbial rug and to stick its head in the sand.  Until racism is dealt with, once and for all, that ugly ignorant horned-head will continue to raise itself from the evil depths of the unregenerate  minds of those who perpetuate racism!

Until we face racism head on, talking about it; acknowledging its existence in ever social sphere of Americas society; until we  point out the injustice of its evils and those who acclaim to be unaware of  the depths of its roots within our society; racism will forever be a thorn in the proverbial side of the United States of America.  The  entire World looks on as the 'Superpower' attempts to solve problems of inequality and humanitarian crises around the World, ignoring its own inhuman biased treatment of a race of people who helped to make Her what She is today!

A prophecy was proclaimed  that I titled A Prophetic Word: People of the United States on July 6, 2013.  The Spirit of Prophecy revealed that poor Ms. Paula Deen would be the first of many who would be publicly humiliated if racist America did not repent (change their evil ways and thoughts) from their racist nature.  Since then, I have written several Bloggers as prompted by Divine Spirit regarding racism.  Racism do exist!  So Why Not Rid Ourselves of the Damned Cursed Thing.

The United States is falling from within like a deck of cards that will have a greater effect on its people than any terrorist will ever inflect.  Racism is like yeast: a little leavening leavens the entire loaf.  This is what is at the heart of America's Problems. Like a batch of wine with too much yeast that clumps up, its hell to clean up; it creates more unnecessary work.  Racism causes friction, discord and increases the the length and depth of the sowing that we must and will do because of all the planting and ignoring of bad seed being planted for nearly 400 years.

Without a doubt, Divine Law has been initiated and will run Her course of "Whatsoever a man sows that shall he reap", for every action has a reaction!

When the children are being adversely affected by the 'Lynch' racist mentality this is when the Divine Creator is not pleased and believe me, we will pay the utmost farthing!   What ever happened to Live and Let Live?

I love how the Huffington Post stays on top of things exposing racism that purportedly does not exist in the United States; particularly, in Government Officials who are too ignorant to even know that they are racist.   

It seems that the video of the Don Yelton's interview on the popular talk show "The Daily Show" (which the powers to be has somehow deleted) with Jon Steward has already  faded into an oops as many networks refuse to take an active part in disposing the "sin" of many American people. Oh, yes, perhaps it is because the media and film industry has also deposited their contributions in  the perpetuation of racism.

Don Yelton is trying to quietly gather his marbles and slither away probably hoping that his racist remarks will be forgotten.  This comes on the heals of  Dick Dublin tattle-telling on a GOP leader who allegedly told the President during Government shut down negotiations “I cannot even stand to look at you”.

"Aasif Mandvi sat down with Don Yelton, a North Carolinian precinct captain who apparently missed the "don't be racist" memo. In the interview, he copped to loving portrayals of President Obama as a witch doctor, claimed that one of his best friends is black, and even used both the phrase "lazy blacks" and the N-word while defending the state's voter ID laws."

"The Justice Department filed suit against North Carolina's voter ID law in September. “Allowing limits on voting rights that disproportionately exclude minority voters would be inconsistent with our ideals as a nation,” Attorney General Eric Holder said at the time." Wow, issues of voting being revisited!  What next?

 One reader quipped; "I think this is the same guy that asked Obama how old he was and when Obama told him 52, he replied; "You told us you were 51 last year??!!".

As long as we do not call racism what it is, racism, we will continue to deal with the perpetuation of it by Giant Companies like General Mills, Barneys New York and Hooters. Because  of people like Jim Allen, Aaryn Gries, Gina Maria Zimmerman, George Zimmerman and the list goes on and on and on.

We have got a problem and we need to stop what were doing, change our mindsets and try to get along.  Otherwise, we are initiating our own doom. 

Bless the USA!  
Hotep Light One Love!

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