Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ancient Pathways

Divine Spirit told me, "Follow the paths of the Ancients" over 13 years ago...I still do not know exactly what that means, however, I can say that I am on my way and loving it! Their Rod and  Staff  comforts me!
Why is it that we sometimes feel that we must hold back on certain phrases, words and revelations because of what someone who does not understand the Process of Redemption may think? We sometimes think that we must explain or attempt to explain what the Divine Creator is doing in our life as we make the transition into another spiritual realm that we do not fully understand let alone can explain.  

Why can't we or should we not explain?  First of all Spiritual things are spiritually discerned!  Secondly,  because we have not experienced 'it' on that level yet!  I will continue to reiterate; one cannot tell something they do not know; give something they do not have; or teach/share what they have not experienced! 

I will never forget when I was guided into the Apostleship, my dear sister of whom was drawn to me to learn Truth, once I told her that my title was no longer Prophet but Apostle.  Her reply was, “You don’t know what you want to be”!    

However, to the contrary, I did and do know!  I know who I AM! I know who I was created and predestined to be and I walk daily with that one goal in mind--Restoration and Resurrection!   It is Spirit  who awakens the Infinite Divine within as one seeks direction and guidance.

It was because I had become acclimated to Western Christianity, that is what Divine Spirit used as a foundation to bring me into Truth!  Now that I have mastered the rudimentary  basics, 'types' and 'shadows' I can ascend into
Higher Truths to learn the   Mysteries of the Kingdoms. 

Divine Spirit deals with you right where you are. If you do not know what a vehicle is you cannot be taught how to drive until you have been taught about a vehicle. However, Divine Spirit has given me Divine Wisdom and Divine Counsel that I now have ability and capacity with initiative to follow my True Destiny! 

Therefore, I cannot apologize for knowing that Christianity was created as a tool of enslavement and to keep me from  my godly Inheritance and my true Destiny! 
I will not apologize for Divine Spirit freeing me from bondage and returning me on the pathway of being restored and resurrected into  queenship! 
I cannot apologize for Divine Spirit revealing unto me how the Europeans, Greeks, Romans and Christianity stole my rich legacy, plagiarizing and replacing it with inferior stigmatic teachings that blinded me to Truth!
This they have done because although they stole the Ancient Principles and holy objects demonizing them that we would not recognize us; they could not harness the power of my Ancestors and their control over me has been broken! 
As I learn terminologies and higher concepts and precepts I adjust accordingly.  Because I am pliable, Mother Sophia (Wisdom) guides me into all Truth! We learn truth--We grow!  This is how a mature one can tell where one is most often by the way they speak.  Are they speaking goo goo ga ga or are they  learning and forming syllables?  This is basic nature it does not take  prophetic discernment to know who is speaking baby talk or who is speaking grown-up talk.
Unless one knows who they are and why they are here and what they are here on this earth to do, they cannot be elevated or 'resurrected' into life! You are as the walking dead.  You are retarded. You are not FREE!
Many have said to me, I don’t understand what you are saying, well then, it is not for you to know! 

Do not expect that a mature one at whatever level they are will 'dumb-down' merely because you do not know the basics.
This is why many belonging to the Royal Nation are still in slavery; they do not even know the rudimentary basics of that of which holds them in slavery--Christianity; to know that there is more!
I have not been Called and my Metron is not to bring people into salvation teaching them the basics of phonics!  That is someone else's job. Although, I am capable but my job is to lead guide and direct those who have salvation or those who think that they have salvation into Redemption--Restoration--Renewal--Resurrection!
Many of us are so acclimated and enslaved to traditional Christianity that we poo poo any other way—the True Way!
We then become stagnated in our pride regurgitating the same old teachings over and over again. You are eating what the Beastly System is feeding that has no nutritional value towards your growth. Your growth has  become retarded.  You have become like Nebuchadnezzar dwelling as a beast in the field. 
Many quench, blaspheme and reject the Spirit thinking that they are rebuking a devil or demon.  How many of you know that the doctrine of demons and devils was intentionally imbued into our minds to keep a Nation of people with a slave mentality?
However, it is they who are pliable who can receive and act upon those thoughts Divine Spirit put into the mind.  This is why we were admonished to renew our mind and to put on the mind of a ‘Christ’--an anointed one!  Only spirit can touch Spirit! 

That renewal is under the auspices of Divine Spirit who brings us into what I call the “Christ-Principles” or Christ Consciousness or the Principles of Ma'at, which are all one and the same.  These Principles are needed and is what Divine Spirit uses to work out the reality of these Principles within our mind and spirit! Many reject Her because the beast within is warring against our Soul which is the Christ in us the hope of our glory!
Therefore, the Beast needs to be renewed in order to be united with Soul.  The Beast is the ‘Old Man’—the ‘unregenerate mind’—that stagnate mind—that retarded mind--That selfish mind which is the spirit that dwells within the heart of man.  Man is subject to the spirit that dwells within their mind and thought process.
Therefore, those who are evolving and ascending into various ‘heavenly’ realms, we must cultivate and nurture our own spirit allowing Light to flow through us that we may give birth to that we have been impregnated with.  Those of whom we are intended to help along their path will receive it in their due season.
Those of you who are ascending, don’t you dare think that you are the only ONE! Believe and know that there are many others.
If you are walking in the esoteric prophetic Divine Knowledge of the Ancestors, you won’t need to convince people and you will know that there are many others; you will know that there are many paved roads  for each of us to reach our unique and individual destination—Heaven! 

Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!   
 Apostle Rubie James
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