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World-Wide Mystery in Los Lunas NM Best Kept Secret

It seems that this secret has been very well kept for decades…Why?

I lived in the small Town of Mountainair, NM for 5 years until my husband, at the time, retired from the Superintendency of the small school district of Mountainair.  

 It  is not until now that I have learned of this mysterious stone of Egyptian or Afrikan hieroglyphics. 

What does the stone, its inscription and location of the stone mean? Just how were or did historians  explain how a seventy ton boulder with Paleo (titled by some) Hebrew inscription appear on this mountain landscape in North America around 1000 B.C.?  

Why have they buried this Ancient Afrikan history in a shrouded Gospel of Greco-Roman compromises and rhetoric?

We were the only “Blacks” in this town with exception of the young Female Physician who occasionally came from Albuquerque to offer her medical services and one Black man.

Mountainair, although they chose a Black Superintendent  (after some fight, I was told) is perhaps the only place on earth that became known to me as a town where “Blacks” were not allowed to purchase property.  Mountainair’s population was made up of mostly Hispanics and Whites, one “Black” male that married a Hispanic who was the sole owner of their home.

Anyway, down the highway a few miles away was the Town of Las Lunas.  At the edge of Las Lunas is where the Valencia extension Campus of the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque was located.  I drove the distance a couple times a week.  This entire area of New Mexico was scattered with historical sites of temples and places of worship of the ancestors.  The locals  called the ruins ‘Kiva’. 

https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/64490In fact, my book The Walls We Build pictures the walls of one of these historical sites, Abo Mission  Convento Salinas Pueblo.
There were other Sites that we will NOT talk about, however. Know that the State of New Mexico is called  “The Land of Enchantment”. The Town of Mountainair was dubbed  “Gateway to the Ancient Cities”. 

To the North of Mountainair was Las Lunas.  North of Las Lunas was the famed Los Alamos Labs.  To the SE is Roswell; to  the South is White  Sands.  Other Towns of interest are  Carlsbad and too many others to name, just to give you an idea of the area and its significance for those who can “see”.
Now, to the Mystery!  We all know that humanity originated from the Afrikan Continent No matter how much historians, archeologist, scientist or religious people depict the Egyptians kings and queens or Hebrews as Caucasian, everyone knows that they were Afrikan or 'Black' and everyone is entitled to their beliefs. 

Now, how and when we all got here to the Americas is a history of deceit, misconceptions, error, debate, outright lies and differences in the telling of them!  Therefore, we will keep it concise and to the point!  

All people of Color came from Afrika.   In particular, we are targeting the original and true Moors; the Egyptians, Hebrews, Canaanites and/or Israelites
which if you believe the Biblical historical account; were “a mixed multitude” who came out of Egypt, Ma'at or Cush--Afrika.

The metaphorical story of Noah and the Ark show that Egyptians, as with all Afrikans  are descendents of Ham and Shem.  Therefore, one can only surmise who the descendants of Jepheth are.

The Mystery is, if historians are correct, how did the world's oldest surviving Inscription of the Ten Commandments get to Las Lunas, New Mexico? And why is this stone being kept a secret?

Does this mean that Christians in the Americas must rethink their beliefs?  Does it mean that we here in the West must recount our true history as a people in order to know who we are? Does it mean that we must free ourselves from the bondage and that of a slave mentality of which Christianity was based and build upon--violence, control and slavery?  Does this mean that  history; true Afrikan history has been purposely left untaught? 
Does it mean that we have become acclimated to a history that has been contrived, convoluted, demonized, plagiarized and changed so that Afrikans and Afrikan descendents are unable to recognize who they are?
The site, Hidden Mountain, a boulder that holds the Inscription of the Ten Commandments is located a few miles west of the small New-Mexican Village of  Los Lunas. The Inscription is carved into the flat face of the boulder. 

The Site is called by the locals  the Hidden Mountain. The local Indians told landowner at the time, Franz Huning, in 1871, that the Inscribed bolder  predated their tribes coming to the area.  What does this actually mean? That answer each of us must search for ourselves. However, all evidence points to the fact that the American Indians were not the first inhabitants of the Americas and neither did Columbus discover America!

People have been and are  aware of the Inscription on the boulder since New Mexico became a territory in 1850. However, no one could read  the Inscription.  The Inscription could not be read because there were no new Americans  who were learned in hieroglyphics,  Old or Paleol-Hebrew, Aramaic, Canaanite  or the Phoenician alphabet.  
It was not until a century later, in 1949, Robert H. Pfeiffer of the Harvard University translated the writings on stone.  Could it be  that the inscribers mimicked or retold the story of Moshe or the Exodus and copied the hearing of it on stone just like Moses had been purported to do?

Pfeiffe was noted to be  an authority on the Old Testament  or the Hebrew Scriptures of the Bible.  Keep in mind, that the Bible as we know it here in the West was not only written many years later from verbal accounts and stories; it has gone through a succession of translations and mistranslations from the original Old Hebrew and Aramaic from Egyptian Stele or Scrolls.  Prior to being translated into  the Vulgate  then  re-transliterated into  Greek then Old English--the Bible. 

Now, mind you that these modern-day scholars had to also learn these ancient languages, which themselves had evolved over the years. Many of these scholars differed as to historical facts, idioms and phrases. Therefore, the Scriptures and the Bible as we know them, are not the same as the original writings however, a facsimile of those writings and contrived one at that.

Only some of these writings were ‘Canonized’ or written to form the Bible.  The Bible  gives us basic principles, allegorical and metaphorical moral stories to guide us into Truth that established the norms of societies values and conduct.  Most historical significance as far as customs and traditions of an ancient Afrikan Moors, Egyptians and Hebrew people were not included in the Bible and were most often overlooked, misunderstood, mistranslated or glazed over.

My studies recently uncovered the major source historians and archeologist used to authenticate the Scriptures and the Bible. The source of these authentications came from ancient Egyptian inscriptions or hieroglyphics; in particular, the Merneptah Stele and what many erreneously call "The Book of the Dead". If they understood the Mysteries of the Ancestors, they would have called the Scrolls more appropriately The Book of the Living! 

Egyptian hieroglyphs or ‘mdw.w-ntr’ transcribed as god’s words, were used by the Ancient Egyptian Priests to chronicle history and to write religious literature.  

The Merneptah Stele was  written in 1208BC and experts used the Stele to predate the history and evolution of Judaism and Christianity. The so-called New Testament was written from 35AD to 100AD. I write about the Merneptah Stele in Before Abraham Was I AM


Another Ancient and most vitally important spiritual work, the Pypuras of Ani, inappropriately called the Book of the Dead is also a very important source of plagiarized and excerpted data by the Greeks and Romans.

Pfeiffe concluded that the Inscription on the boulder was a copy of the Ten Commandments. He thought that the inscription was written in the Phoenician, the Moabite (Egyptian), and the Greek languages.

However, Professor Pfeiffer did not say who he thought carved the message.  Therefore  the site has been called by some of the locals the Phoenician Inscription Rock but has since been called the "Ten Commandments Rock".

Some  who has studied the Rock has considered it to be an Inscription from a member of one of the so-called "lost tribes of Israel". (I say so-called merely because they are not lost but itentionally written out of history.) While others have expressed the thought that it contains some Mormon history of the Nephthys (Egyptian Priestesses). Others say the writings are not of Egyptian (Afrikan) origin. 

How these so-called experts come to a consensus that the writings were not written in a “reformed Egyptian” language, when all archeological and historical facts points back to Ancient Egypt-Afrika and  the ‘fraction’ or dissenting of a 'mixed multitude' being freed from so-called bondage from Egypt; into Canaan Land, eludes  this novice scholar!  Particularly, when the Biblical account of the story of the  “Exodus” supports  "A mixed multitude" within the Nation of Hebrews coming out of Egypt!  

As made-up and tailored as the story has been told, it still collaborates and attests to the fact that the Hebrews came out of Egypt-Afrika.  When you know who you are and where you came from, you can Celebrate You!

None the less, many modern scholars now seem to agree that the Rock Inscription is indeed an abridged version of the Decalogue or Ten Commandments.

Professor Frank Hibben, a local New Mexican historian and retired archaeologist from the University of New Mexico is convinced that the inscription is ancient and authentic.

For the complete story and more photos see one of my  references of study: The Los Lunas Decalogue Stone


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  1. Very nice work Sister. I'm so proud to call you my Sister. So keep up this very informative work I too will post some interesting and informative post. And keeping in mind that we must act upon what we know as a BC people NOT an AC people like the ones who for all accounts Plagiarized all or most of our past for there own benefit!