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Worse Than You Think

Coke's Last Frontier: Africa? 

 “Coke has been in Africa since 1929 and is now in all of its countries”!

What good has Coca Cola Bottling Company done for the communities in the Countries they operate in?  No notable difference in Ghana! As you read, you will see that there is no notable difference in Kenya!  Where?

"Piles of trash are burning outside the Mamakamau Shop in Uthiru, a suburb of Nairobi, Kenya. Sewage trickles by in an open trench. 

Across the street, a worker at a bar gets ready for the lunch rush by scraping the hair off a couple of roasted goat heads. It's about 70 degrees, the sun is beating down, it smells like decay, and it's time for Coke to move some product. 

Annual per capita consumption of Coca-Cola (KO) in Kenya is 39 servings. In more developed countries like Mexico, which consumes more Coca-Cola than any other country, it runs 665 servings per year. One does not need an MBA to see the possibilities. 

Per-capita consumption of Coke is also low in India and China, relative to the U.S., Europe, and Latin America, but those two continents present less of an opportunity for the company than Africa... Coke will continue to compete in those countries, of course, but Africa, where Coke is the dominant brand, and where the middle class is just emerging, may offer a potentially greater payoff.”  Click here to read the entire article in Business Week DISQUS by Duane Stanford.

Coca Cola is a member of Private Investors for Africa. PIA boldly proclaims: "PIA participates in external forums and supports dialogue

between various organizstions and the private sector”. 

A PIA representative, Julie Bleeker, says in a response to a written request to work in collaboration with the Central Region of Cape Coast Ghana, towards PIA's stated mission for operations in Ghana writes: "Thank you for your email and your interest in the Private Investors for Africa (PIA). The PIA is a business coalition that brings together ‘ethically like-minded’ companies with the
objective of tapping into their business experience in Africa… All our projects in Africa are developed and executed by our members in collaboration with international organisations. Unfortunately, the PIA does not fund any external projects.” 

As an afterthought, under separate cover 
Bleeker wrote: “Apologies…Kind 
 PIA secretariat.” 

This insult was directed to not only His Excellency 
Nana Kweku Egyir Gyepi III and the entire Central Region of Cape Coast but the Country of Ghana and the entire Afrikan Continent where most of these companies operate.  

This  disrespectful and most disparaging e-mail  from Julie Bleeker  was posted in the blogger: “Promoting African American Interest in Afrika”

This seems to contradict PIA’s Group Vision:  “The PIA Group are united and motivated by a common vision to help accelerate economic growth and social development across the African Continent”. 
PIA also claim to be: “Creating world-class African Leaders”  through training programs, although they insinuated in their letter, unjustly assuming, ignorantly misconstruing intent, refusing to work with Afrikan leaders; that Cape Coast Central Regional Senior Divisional Chief was asking for “charity”; that PIA basically, do not give 'welfare' to Afrikans. (welfare defined per my understanding of their perspective of charity.)

Therefore I ask the question again to not only Coca Cola but Aramex, Diageo, Standard Bank of South Africa, Lafarge, BASF, General Electric, Heinekin, Kimberly Clark, Yara International, Unilever:  How do you intend to accomplish your vision or mission to "accelerate economic growth and social development?  What is your motivation that compels you to know what is best for Afrikans while refusing to work with its communities and Her leaders? How can you acclaim to "Create World-Class Afrikan leaders when you reject and denigrate Afrikan leadership?

Furthermore, how do you expect to  create these World-Class Afrikan leaders unless you create an atmosphere to do it by investing in education?  Or are Afrikan students, such as seen below the 'color' of your World-Class Afrikan leaders you refer to?  Or will these leaders that you invest in will also be "ethically like-minded" as  your current group members?

Well, one can only assume that since Coca Cola and perhaps some of these companies has been in Afrika since 1926 and beyond that their contributions to health, economic  and social development for Afrikans is non-existent as with their promises, visions and stated missions.  So far  the other 10-members of PIA has not refuted that they are racist slavers of a different sort who rapes Afrika, hoping to push the Afrikans back to the days when the British and other foreign influences began their take-over of the 'Dark Continent'.

emily brownstone made a good point in her comment on DISQUS: "This article reinforces my beliefs that Company practices such as Coca Cola should be prosecuted for WAR CRIMES in regards to the human deceit and environmental degrade that these practices are creating! Based on the amount of information at our finger tips that directly link Coke and other companies and their products to a global health crisis, I see no excuses for this behavior but pure lust of money. My contempt for our blindness sickens me. Kent, you should be ashamed as anyone blindly buying Coca Cola Classic!"

Kudos Emily Brownstone!  Yet, I say do not purchase any products from Coca Cola!  For that matter, do not buy any products from these companies who operate under the deceitful racist umbrella of PIA! 
The world looks on, particularly the USA, thinking that Afrika is a poor, filthy heathenistic Continent with illiterate Afrikans. 

Many think that Afrikans need Western Christianity to enslave their minds as they lay foundations that are anti-Black, anti-Afrikan culture for  foreign companies to infiltrate Afrika.  

This they do with promises and lots of words that are not fulfilled while taking over Afrika’s resources!

Many Americans and perhaps other Countries have not even consider that most countries in Afrika are in their infancy stage; that  their growth is being stifled and influenced by these companies who rape and pillage the land and its people. 

Akin  to the Transatlantic Slave Trade, South Afrikan Apartheid (coincidentally, which is where most of these companies are based);  the slaughter of millions of Native Americans as their land was taken; we all stand by allowing another possible holocaust of Nations of people under the guise of “foreign investment”!  

At the same time, Afrikans, whether educated or not get low pay then must pay exorbitant cost for utilities and imported oil products because  they do not have access to their own natural resources. The large foreign corporations are shipping out Afrikas resources, making their money while controling not only the economy with World Bank in the lead, but PIA with the Standard Bank of South Afrika making certain to keep the Natives under thumb.

I tell you everyone needs to wake up!  Afrikans, wake up!  Wake up to the fact that you are being set up to be destroyed!  Wake up to the fact that if you do not pay attention and stop accepting those little trinkets of "Coke" thrown your way that you will  again be dominated by the same evil force  as before you gained your so-called independence!  

Afrikan Americans wake up!  Wake up to the fact that Truth has been kept from you and you are as evil as these foreign “slave masters” if you stand idly by as they turn you against Afrikans with the alleged Afrikan “Scammer Schemes” etc! 

The general public needs to wake up to the lies they see on TV, read in the papers and that of which they hear on radio and all of the other

things that have been either distorted and/or 'beefed- up' to counteract truths; that has been “gagged” or hushed by media who do not want to lose their sponsors.  

Educate yourself,  that is of course  unless you just do not care like most Americans believing the mis- information thrown at us against Afrikans and Afrika. 

Do not think for a second that other non-Afrikan Nations of people are not setting Afrikans up to appear to be the scammers.  I am not denying that there are some Afrikan Country's who must come down hard on scamming, I am saying do not be so naive as to judge Afrika by the few or those coming into Afrika for the sole purpose of scamming.

To those corporations and countries I speak of, the pathetic thing is that you have already awakened to your greed, the ‘ripe-pickings’ in Afrika and lack of respect for humankind.  

Therefore, let me warn you!  This Word will NOT return void! “Afrika will be restored beyond her former beauty”.  

If you have been chosen to be used to achieve this, then you are one who will deal righteously, justly and fairly with Afrika.  You others, “Your plans will come to naught!”  Your companies will see a drastic fall in revenue and many of you will pull out of Afrika as loosing ventures that others may reap the benefits or your labors. All negatives and all that is unjust that you think to do will fail on Afrikan Soil.

Originally written and posted 12/9/13 under the title: COCA COLA BOTTLING COMPANY - THE LAST FRONTIER FOR AFRIKA?  Reposted as an informational source to: Surly African Leaders Know and the prolific infiltration of the takeover of Africa.

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