Tuesday, August 29, 2017

THOUGHT FOR TODAY - Light Of The World

The ultimate purpose for humankind is to be restored back to gods and creators of their destiny in Divine Union with the Most High God; joint heirs and rulers in the Kingdom. To become the Righteousness of G-D that the Light of Truth, Love and Compassion will shine through us so that those in darkness will be drawn into Light of G-D through the Divine Light that dwells within us. 

Most humans look for G-D in the sky or a place outside of themselves.  We have been taught that it is sacrilege and blasphemy to be the gods we were created to be. This causes one to not only dwell in the lower human consciousness but are unable to receive the pure Light that would cause them to become that Light  and Love as conduits and channels of  that Divine Light.

Why it is a mystery that the world is in the condition it is in today eludes many.  Yet the answer is simple and attainable. However, mankind has been given free-choice to receive or reject. The Christ left us an example how to become transfigured into that light, however, humans began to worship the man versus the Christ Principles or the anointed Principles of the Divine Light that was presented to them. These Christ Principles are the Way, Truth and Light that will restore mankind back into the very Image and Likeness of the gods we were created to be.

Christ made many statements of affirmations and confirmations for humans shedding light on the paths we should follow.  “If you SEE me, you have seen the Farther” was an affirmation for mankind that “just as he is, so are we”. Thus, Restoration back to the Ways of The Ancients

We are that Light that shines upon a hill that cannot be hidden.  However, if the Oil of Light is dim or non existent, how can one who dwells in total darkness see it or come to it?  Catch the vision.

Hotep Light One Love!
Apostle Rubie James

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