Thursday, August 17, 2017


Looking out of the window this morning taking in the sweet fragrance of the divine Breath of Life, I give honor to the Most High G-D, the Ancients of Days, our Ancestors, Mother Earth and Nature (who are all one)  and greet the souls of the trees.

Outside to the West of one bedroom window, there is this massive old mango tree that bountifully spreads its dense foliage across the span of the window up into the skies. There is something very special about this tree that I know it is a living soul. It actually responds to me when I speak to it. I believe it helps protect me from certain man made pollutants, in addition to clarifying the air providing me with fresh oxygen that flows limitlessness through the window.

The window on the South side, upon its screened pane lays three huge plush leaves of a Plantain Tree. I have watched as they seemingly grow overnight up the screen. A few feet away to the ground lay its base with even grander brilliant bright green leaves  that have grown to the second-story roof top spreading out like dazzling canopies. They allow just enough sunlight through, holding back the heat, purifying the air that blows through the open windows.  

I use to think that the Plantain trees with their enormous leaves merely blocked my view to Fasu Lagoon in the distance a few  kilometers away. However, now I am convinced that they too are for my protection.
I marvel every morning and night at the magnificence of the provisions of creation and Mother Earth as She provides all that mankind need to live, move and have their being.

As I contemplated, speaking to myself, yes I speak to myself.  I speak to my Living Cells. I speak to my Innate and Akash  that is a part of the Universal Divine Spiritual Intelligence that holds Records of all that I AM. 

It is my Innate who takes me beyond the Veil, bridging the gap between my corporal and incorporeal self or my physical body to my higher spirit self.  Some of you, in Christendom, I have heard refer to the higher self as your “spirit man”.  It really does not matter what we call it, the truth is that IT exists on the other side of the Veil and is waiting for humans to acknowledge and tap into IT. 

We humans must receive ability and capacity to think with our divine mind and stop rejecting, labeling and linearizing truth or categorizing groups of people with beliefs and customs different than our own. We must let go of the 'filters' and the dysfunctions of the old self and those old dark energies that keep us from recognizing our greatness. Humans must stop rejecting certain vernacular, verbiage  or semantics merely because you have never heard the phrase before. Not only does this restrict your growth, most often we are rejecting the Divine Language.

My thoughts were directed towards the base of the Plantain Trees.  I again look at the leaves in correlation to the base of the tree. Some leaves were windblown and tattered as if they were cut to precision in various patterns. Some were whole and some were brown with the same diverse patterns as the vibrant green foliage, yet they still held on as an integral part of the base of the trees. 

New growth spurted up from the trees roots forming other Plantain Trees.

In my mind’s Eye, I could see how nations of people are just like that Plantain Tree. We are all made of the same stuff, coming from the same Source; reaching for the skies many call heaven. We all point in different directions, having various designs, shapes, sizes, colors yet we all have the same goal. We all have the same divine DNA Base. That goal is to be all we can be while living here on this earth.  That goal should be to evolve to ascend the various levels of  spiritual realms; to learn our Life-Purpose in order to fulfill our reasons for being on this earth.  That goal should be to have love and compassion for mankind; to shed the brilliance of the Way, Truth and Light to dark souls; to honor and respect the god in each individual; honor, love and respect the Most High G-D, the Ancients of Days, the Ancestors and Mother Earth-Gaia.

I certainly cannot close this thought without mentioning the portals that has been opened and available for humans to awaken.  These celestial portals has been opened for humans to make the Shift into spiritual consciousness and reclaim their Inheritance of Promise.  This Inheritance of Promise is Restoration; to become restored back the gods humans were intended to be.

Hotep Light One Love!
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