Thursday, August 31, 2017

Reason For Restoration

Restoration is for the purpose of bringing one into unity as one with the Whole; to bring one into righteousness, holiness and one with their higher self, which is G-D. 

This is accomplished through love, for self and others; compassion for others.  Respect and honor for others, G-D and the earth.

Restoration is physical in that it is the process given for the recalibration of the human body in conformity with this shift of spiritual energies. It is the physical aspects of spirit/soul becoming attune with Divine Spirit; preparing one to enter into another spiritual realm. 

At the foundation of Restoration is a renewal and change of heart, mind body and soul.

It is always a spiritual thing.  Everything and every one is pliable and controlled by the physics of spiritual energy whether dark energy or light energy; whether holy or unholy energy. However, in this case, the physical before the spiritual, which promotes the spiritual revelation of as above so below.

Spiritual energy needs a vehicle in which to ride in this 3rd dimension we call earth. That vehicle is the soul within humans, mammals, animals, trees/plants, the air that we breath. Even the soil radiates a living energy that emanates from the core of Mother Earth—Gaia.

Restoration is Environmental on the corporal level that dictates the quality of life for humans while here on this earth. 

We humans are the products of our environment.  If our environment is polluted, we are polluted.  If one learns in a spiritually polluted environment, their spirit/soul is polluted. 

Therefore, Restoration serves as a primal in conjunction with the physical, mental and spiritual to make humans aware of the conditions not conducive to a holy, healthful life that they may get rid of the filters and dysfunctions that pollute their environment of the mind.

Restoration is Economics.  Human kind is of a royal lineage.  Our inheritance is not limited to one aspect of our life. Our DNA is perfect.  Our Soul is perfect.  Our Spirit is perfect.  However, because of an imperfect environment mankind forgot their perfect attributes.  Forgetting who we are and why we are here on this earth, we become products of the dark energies that most often we created within our own mind as a result of living and learning in a polluted environment.

Within our DNA, through our Innate and Akash Records; houses the Divine Intellect, wisdom and creativity for inventions, advanced technology, physics, science all that humans need that would and could create personal wealth; establish lucrative business ventures and markets; restructure the world’s financial System; overhaul the entire economy of the world.  This occurs through Pure Intent with Integrity.

Restoration is Spiritual. We humans are spiritual beings housed in a physical body.  We are the gods and creators of this earth.

Within the DNA of humans, we have been given ability to heal ourselves and to live a long healthful and prosperous life.

We have lost our godly attributes because we have left our first love—the way of our Ancestors; the Ancients of Days. We have become acclimated to a foreign and dark way of Life that has molded us into a negative beastly dark energy that has taken over our godly attributes.

This is why Restoration.  This is why our Ancestors have become instrumental in saving us from those dark evil energies who wants to destroy their royal seed.

Yes, there is a spiritual war going on in the spiritual realms between dark and light forces. This is the Armageddon. 

Until the Shift; until the spiritual convergence, the dark energy has ruled on this earth. However, provisions have been made by the Ancients to bring us into the awareness of self.  They have opened the portals of knowledge and Light energies
that would bring us to the realization of who we are and restore the creative powers that has been imbued within us. 

The Way has always been, however, the Ancients have a System, they cannot infringe upon humans free-will. Therefore they have not intervened directly on our behalf and have always waited for human kind to open their hearts and mind to receive their redemption through pure intent of their free choice.

The choice is still ours.  Do we make the Shift into spiritual convergence or do we continue to allow darkness to control? 

It is we who choose! Know that our Ancestors are winning the war.  Know that the dark forces are flailing and thrashing about attempting to hold onto the deceptive false and negative energies that have controlled humans and this earth for eons.  They know that they are losing the battle!  They have lost the war!

The ball is in our court! We are the retrievers and it is time for humans to ace it!  No more deuces!  No more disadvantages!  No more penalties. The baseline has been set and is sure. The blocks have been deployed; the game is a wrap, just Golden Slams! 

Restoration has come!  Our Light has come! So it is and always shall be…Catch the Vision!

Hotep Light One Love!
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