Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Is Your Mandate The Great Commission?

The following is one of many messages I must weed through every day. Someone sent this to me on What’s Up and I get hundreds such messages through Face Book Messenger as well.

“Anybody can count the number of seeds in an orange but only God can count the number of oranges in a seed. Don't let anyone discourage you. For they only see what is outside of you. Only God knows what 'you can become and whom you could be useful to.' Never feel rejected. For God's own time is the best…*Good morning. Have a blessed day*” 

Needless to say this has prompted me to write this blog.  My response was: "Indeed,  but let's get it right; we are the gods and now is our time; granted to us by the Most High G-D."

The time belongs to us and is now for us. G-D is not restricted to space or time, neither are we. This is a misconception that we must rid from our thinking process.  It is NOT G-D but the humans who place restrictions on themselves.  G-D waits for humans to get it!   In particularly, those who say they love the Most High G-D, it is time to come up out of that basic religious stuff of someone else's thoughts and words to start thinking for yourselves;  receiving from Spirit that creativity that we all have.  

If we are to minister  and release Divine Counsel to others effectively, we must release fresh words in Spirit and Truth not from our own heart.
If one cannot or do not receive divine and creative thoughts, ideas and creativity from Spirit for them, something is wrong. Therefore, how can one think they have anything to give to another or can encourage another with meaningless quotes and gestures? Reevaluate your relationship.

I am so exasperated at these little safe regurgitated messages that many think cute and relates the heart of G-D; your quoting of Scripture  without understanding of its esoteric or prophetic intent that I can just spit. I know many of you mean well but the Kingdom will not be built on “mean well” intentions.  So, what’s your point? What is your goal? What is your intent? If it is not pure revelation, I DO NOT WANT IT!  It merely clutters my communication venues. Those of you who request friendship or messenger requests for the sole purpose of thinking that I will promote and share your agenda, which most often is not ordained by G-D and serves no one, although you might think that it does and it might even have a great purpose, you had best rethink your motives. Did the Spirit specifically prompt you?

Many of you send these things to my email, in boxes and messenger, I ask what the heck for?  You add me to groups, what for? This is why I have Blogs that if those of you who do such take the time to read, you would not send me the things you do. Many are actually insulting and a belittling of the mandate of any Awakened One.

How in G-D’s Name does one think they can encourage the Apostle,  a Channeler of Truth and Oracle of the Most High G-D that resides in and who minister from ZION, with senseless, mean well, photos, quips and quotes from someone else’s, not even your own minds or  thoughts?

Many of you have denigrated your pastors and the church yet you cannot see that it is YOU who are OUT-OF-ORDER, gossiping and ignorant to what G-D is doing and wants to do within humans on this earth. That “Great Commission” was NOT intended for you!

Yawl need to grow up. Like Paul said, “MOVE PAST THE RUDIMENTARY BASICS”!  I have seen many of you doing the same thing, saying the same old thing, parroting the same Scripture verses, without understanding, day in and day out for  ¾ of the 16 years Facebook has been into existence.  You have not grown one iota and presume to instruct and encourage the woman or man of the Most High?  You little baby Apostles, Prophets and Pastors are the worse and you false ones are so pathetically obvious to the Awakened Ones don’t you know that those Elected and Chosen Teleios (mature) ones know your spirit?

You Americans are so enthralled with yourselves and religion that you have not cultivated within you the power of    G-D to even take up “spiritual arms” against the darkness that is consuming the US. Your religious views have you all so disjointed that you cannot join forces to combat the dark forces operative within you.  The pathetic thing is that it is perhaps the very ones you reject that is releasing light that have floated you and the reason the US have not fell to ruins yet.

It is high time for our people to come from under those dark religious forces that keep us looking to a God to intervene on our behalf; to perform miracles when we are the miracle!

Therefore, let us renew our minds so we can be restored back to our godhood. We are the Righteousness of the Most High and should emanate with Light,  Love, wisdom, knowledge,  pure truth, creativity and compassion that all the world will be drawn to us by the Words we receive in purity and speak with pure intent.

I say this in love and respect to a divine people in hopes that all will come into the knowledge of who you are.

Hotep Light One Love!
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