Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Many are awakening to the truth of their reality.  What does it mean to awaken?

To awaken is when ones corporeal self unites with their incorporeal self.

What do I mean when I say the corporal self unites with the incorporeal self?

It is when the regenerated body/soul connects with the spirit/soul part of those who resides beyond the Veil—in ZION.

Let me give you an example:

When the Christ walked this earth his higher self was with the Father as he would always say,   “If you see me you see the Father”.  Therefore, when one sees and connects with their higher self they see and connect with G-D as one. 

The human spirit/soul is one with the Most High.  There is no way one can disconnect  or  dissociate themselves away from G-D. Can your body survive if your lungs do not intake air? When we breathe it is the very breath of G-D filling the lungs with life!

There are attributes that one’s higher self has and knows of which the body/soul has lost memory of. Therefore, we must recollect our past memories of which is held within our higher self  through our Innate, that bridge the gap between the corporeal and incorporeal to those memories that are held within our  Akash.  The Akash is more than the mind just being the storehouse for our memories.  The mind is the vehicle used to retrieve these memories filed or held in the Akash Records that holds all that we are of our higher self.  

Our higher self is the spirit/soul in divine union with G-D. Therefore we must renew our minds, identify those memories that keep us in darkness, insecurity and a lack of self worth in order for them to be  expelled from our memory.   We must forget those false teachings and those cultural traditions of men that have kept us in darkness and chaos.  If one stays in a dark room, the room will remain dark.  But flip that switch and you have light.  Flip the switch! As we sometimes say “Flip the script”!

Beloveds, this is what Restoration is all about.  This shift in energy of light into spiritual awareness and consciousness is a divine portal that has been opened. A change in mindsets; to remember, gives the Spirit/soul permission to primal or rid one of those false and dark memories to being not only full of light but becomes that light. One can then say I AM the Light having the self-reliance that you are indeed light. One can say I AM the Way because of the confidence you have of ‘knowing’, when connected to your higher self.  One can then say I AM Truth because it is in truth of this knowing that one becomes pure light.

Christ said with confidence, I AM the way, truth and light”. This was our assurance that we too can become light that shines in darkness.  You see, religion got stuck on the corporal  and tangible aspects of what the Christ actually accomplished and gave to humankind, as an example, how to be restored back into light.

It was through men that these divine concepts were linearized, humanized and relegated to one man.  This was done for the sake of the religious elite to maintained control over the children of light to keep them in darkness.  This mindset that one man is the only way, truth and light has kept humans from receiving the very things they came to earth in corporal form to accomplish.

We are the sons of G-D.  It does not yet appear what we shall be; however, when we see, when our Eye have been opened, when our minds have been awakened, then we shall see G-D as our truth and our reality.

A compassionate attitude and a lack of reaction to dark energies conquers all things and creates light.  This is the greatest emotion one could have. Compassion generates more light when it comes face to face with darkness.

We humans must be self contained.  What do I mean when I say we must be self contained?  Being self contained is when one knows that they know, that they know, who they are and who G-D is.  These will exude with light, love and compassion that their Spirit/soul validates the body/soul.  This divine union produces a confluence of   and a melding with G-D that you know that you are a part of G-D. Therefore, to “Know Thyself” is to know G-D. Catch the vision.

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