Sunday, July 9, 2017

We Hear You Captain Mahama

Captain Maxwell Mahama

It seems like only yesterday when Ghanaians were shocked into reality of the lack of government culpability and ability to protect its own citizens, even their own public servants.

Previous President of Ghana, His Excellency John D Mahama, the uncle of a young man who was brutally murdered was compelled to make a plea not to make the young man’s death a political charade by Politian’s. Although communities of Ghanaians were outraged the sacrificial death of Captain Maxwell Mahama seemed to have been too soon forgotten.

A military officer with the 5th Infantry Battalion (5BN) at Burma Camp in Accra on assignment at Denkyira Boase in the Upper Denkyira West District of the Central region was brutally murdered by residents.

Captain Maxwell Mahama who was a commander of a military detachment in the area was jogging along the main road when he stopped to ask for directions. Residents saw his sidearm and reported him to community leaders who ignorantly without investigation initiated a lynch mob, ignoring the pleas of Captain Mahama who they brutally murdered.

The memory of the demise of Captain Mahama is still and will be forever unbelievably and indelibly imprinted  and ever prevalent within the minds of Ghanaians. I was tagged in a post on Face Book in  an admonition to Ghanaians on the value of life in honor of Captain Mahama. I  wanted to disseminate it through this media platform that the message might reach as many Ghanaians and Africans as possible to disparaging and inhumane situations that should never be. They wrote and my response is as follows:

“Since we have now discovered the value of human life, it applies to all aspects of our dealings. Let's apply it to our hospitals, our roads, our schools etc. A lot of our people suffer & die needlessly in our country because of our insensitivities & greed!

Mob killing is bad & uncivilized. Doctors, politicians, ECOs & others whose actions or inactions lead to people’s unnecessary suffering & death are equally bad & wicked! #VALUEOFLIFE!”  ~  IsaiahCoffie Jnr 

Let us also be cognizant of the exterior dark force influences that come as light to kill, steal and destroy that contribute to our disunity. We must wake up and Sankofa.

Many of you non Ghanaians might not be aware of the Angel of Light, in the photo; a sacrificial lamb, whose life was senselessly taken, to open the eyes of those who lead in Ghana with lack of integrity and altruism for Ghanaian citizens. Ghanaians do not let this life be in vain. Stand up! Unite! Demand those basic rights you are denied. Demand excellence from your leaders! Let us not allow anything like this to happen again.

If Ghanaians stand by doing nothing, this is a "go-a-head" to those in power and authority to continue their inept greedy practices. Know your rights. United we stand. Divided we will fall. Knowledge is power! Demand culpability from government leaders and religious leaders.

See how African leaders are allowing devastation and negative influences of the US SHADOW WAR IN AFRICA to take away more rights of Ghanaians. Catch the vision.

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