Sunday, July 16, 2017

We Are Overcomers

I was joking with my daughter prior to my relocating from Labone to Cape Coast as far as the State of Affairs in America. I told her to get her passport in order, she might never know, I might be a Joseph  (Yosef).

In my spiritual visitation,  I was given the following Word. I share because I know those Workers of Light, my royal family has gone through many things before the shift and since:

"You are a Joseph. You will prepare the way for many who will come to do the work of  Restoration. You are to go to Cape Coast. There you will be established. You had to experience the people and that you went through. Those experiences will help you to understand their weaknesses, hunger and needs to return to me.

You must continue to stand firm on truth. They are hurting, unaware that they bring these things upon themselves. They clamor for riches, yet go about it in a way that they will not  receive the full blessings of  their inheritance of prosperity.

They are steeped in tradition and do not know me. This move will open other doors for you to begin to step up to the task of bringing My people into the Restorative Process. Move as I move. I have set you as a Signet. Evil forces has come against you but I have protected and delivered you from it all."

You are a Joseph! The Most High "will add and give increase". 

Many of you Light Workers and Channels of truth, I am certain have been through the furnace of affliction in giving of yourself for the love of humanity. Often not recognized and rejected by those who need your light the most.  Remember, Joseph was cast into prison. However, the results of the purification process is nothing compared to the glory that you will receive.  Be encouraged. The portals have been opened, help has come; the light that exudes from you will and has overcome darkness! 

The spirit says, " Many are they who have shunned the truth. They know but their hearts are like stone, their eyes are blind.  Therefore, they have rejected that of which would have saved their souls from destruction. They have rejected Me. Believe that IAM on high and not one act against you have gone unnoticed. My people are truly evil and at a loss to know Me. They worship their own selves thinking they worship Me. From the smallest to the Great they will revere Me."

Ghana, Africa, the entire World Spirit says: "You will know that I AM G-D and that you have come against My prophets and My Word.  You will bow down. Your false hopes and dreams will be your overtaking. The very traps you have set for them will be set for you. Your Petty jealousies will be your downfall." 

Hotep Light One Love!
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