Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Coming from Elmina Castle Dungeons day 2 of PANAFEST 2017; I heard loud voices from one of the home/businesses that is on my normal walking route.  I do not understand the language, however can read the body language and discern what is being said.

As I looked there was a man standing in the door and a younger man. It was the younger who was seemingly arguing with the Madame. Understand that Ghanaians speak and understand various dialects and often times insert phrases in English.

The Madame said that of which I did understand in English, “Go to the source”.  I wanted to yell in excitement a word of confirmation of those words of wisdom coming from the older woman; particularly, when the young man insisted on having the last word. What more was there for the younger to say?

One of the detriments of Ghanaian culture is that they love to talk. Many gossip and embellish the story, not just the women but the men.

While waiting for the festivities to begin at the Elmina Forecourt, I decided to tour the docks as the fishing boats were coming in.  As I entered the fish market, walking past this man sitting, he called out, Madame, Madame.  I was like, “What"?  My guide pulled money from his pocket and paid the man. I asked him why? Particularly, why women had to pay to enter the market and men did not have to pay. I was shocked that they would actually charge the women to pick up the fish they would sell that day. It was blatantly obvious that I was not there to buy fish. The answer I got from the guide was that’s just how they do it because it’s the men who catch the fish and the women who sell it. OMG, really? You can bet that they collect a fee from the fishermen as well.

Many of the cultural practices need to be done away with. They are biased, denigrating to women, out-dated, out of touch with reality and acceptable social moral values.

Therefore, I say to you all, the woman is the feminine side of G-D. She must be respected for her wisdom and virtue. These inappropriate pennants of outdated cultural traditions becomes restrictions that keep Africans from reaching their full potential.  

The woman is protector of the 'firstborn'. Women have that nurturing motherly god-given instinct men do not have that is often times seen as a weakness.

Whatever the situation, whatever the conflict, whatever the misunderstanding, in the words of that wise sister; “Go to the source”.

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