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My Metron as an Apostle is to teach Restoration. Restoration deals with restoring and renewal of the entire man. In order to be restored, one must have been something already. In order to be restored, one must know how to be restored and what it is they are to be restored to. 

We have always dealt with the entire man. There is no way to separate the spirit man from the fleshly man or the mental facilities of man. However, since being awakened, receiving enlightenment and revelation of the Shift into spiritual awareness; which is Restoration, we now teach, counsel and channel with more profundity.

One of my students always says, “I will try”. The word 'try' is a verb used to explain or tell of an attempt or an effort to do something not actually doing it. Try is not an action word but used to described an action,  state or an occurrence. 

I want to say,  any of you who have such thoughts or say,  "I am trying" , "I will try" or such. Remove such words from your mind and vocabulary.

This is why:  It is a non action word. It is a negative that produced negative energy that produces negative situations or scenarios. It diminishes your trust in G-D and the god within you.

For example:  Put your phone on the table. Don't pick it up.  But try, just TRY to pick it up.

The point is you KNOW  you can pick up your phone. So why let it just lay on the table as you think of ways to TRY, when you know that YOU CAN?

Such is it in our lives.  We know that G-D is within and that we are a part of G-D, therefore we are gods.  Why try to be something you already are?  Going through unnecessary stuff trying to get what you already have!   Trying to reach G-D when you already have G-D! Wouldn't it stand to reason that you allow the god within you be G-D?

This is why Restoration that we humans can be renewed in body, spirit and in mind in order to remember!

What are we to remember?  We are to remember who we are and why we are on this earth. Simple, yes? So why aren't we doing it?

The Christ remembered who he was and his purpose for coming to this earth. He studied with the Masters to become a Master. Don't think that the Christ man just miraculously learned how to be a god. 

Christ walked in his godhood. He gave  the instructions of corrections to an evil  dark society and gave humans a guide and example to follow. Even with that those Christ Principles were perverted and conformed to a dark societies version  of how humans should live their life.  They deified the man, yet made godhood out of reach  and sacrilege for humans to think they too are of a divine origin. Therefore, many refuse to accept the god within them, mostly out of fear of what others may say or call them possessed by a devil because everyone knows there is only one G-D. They called it religion.

It was through the birth process, becoming acclimated to others concepts, values and morals of what was acceptable in a not so perfect society that humans lost their perfection. The schools we attended  programmed us to fit into society and a contrived religious system that brainwashed us to a certain way of life. All these things contrived   from  humanistic values and mindsets are contradictory to who we are and why we are here on earth.  Therefore, we humans have forgotten. We have,  therefore,  lost our divine attributes adhering to humanistic concepts right or wrong,   verses   being  what G-D intended. Make sense?  Yes it does, if you reflect on that.

If one thinks the way they live is why  perfect spiritual beings,   come to this earth, in flesh and bone,  just go through hell,  die then go to another hell;  this is exactly what one will get. The dark forces in the world would have succeeded in thwarting and foiling your Life-Purpose.

One would think then to say, wow,  G-D is a jokester. G-D don't love me if that's all my life means and what I was meant to be. Your life, then would have no meaning, no purpose.

IAM  here to say we all have a distinct and unique divine purpose for being here on this earth.  It is our choice to receive and fulfill or purpose for being or not.

Regardless to what religion has taught us, there is no hell except that we human make for ourselves living out of sync and harmony with G-D; rejecting the god within and dishonoring the god within others.  G-D is still going to love us whether or not we fulfill our purpose  for being here or not.

Why?  Free will. That is how much humans are loved. The choice is ours how we live our lives. We can either choose to remember or continue in a mere mediocre existence.

However,  there is a higher way; a glorious divine way, a heavenly way to live as a god right here, right now without all the human restrictions of a mere existence.
It has been said before  and I say again: "Truly, truly, I tell you, whoever believes that IAM,  greater things than this you will do".  Catch the vision

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