Saturday, July 15, 2017

Africa Rolls Out The Red Carpet To China

While too many African leaders are quietly robbing their own in taking bribes under the table; African countries are slowly losing their grip on what rightfully belongs to Africans.

Yes, Africa's leaders ignorantly have and are still selling Africans out just as they did in aiding the slavers in the Transatlantic Slave Trade. If Africans do not wake up and demand honesty and integrity from their leaders, Africa is headed towards  a Re Colonization with a vengeance.

I have written about this before...China and other countries are overpopulated. By the year 2020 the earth will become exponentially over populated without free land to accommodate this growth.

They have already implemented a plan to sequester,  take,  steal,  connive, imminent domain, call it what you like,  inhabitable land in Ghana and Africa. Africa has the only available land mass resource in the world. Except the Amazon, which has been appropriated as protective land to preserve  the Rain Forest. 

Can you see now why AFRICOM and SORCAFRICA?--The US Shadow War In Africa

Now,  think on this;  what will happen to the indigenous people?

Will Africa become another Australia?

Africa is already ran by non Africans. Today,  the US and China are in a war fighting over Africa and Her rich resources and land.

If Africans don't wake up soon,  particularly to the National Security Memorandum 200 that is and has been implemented since the late 40's, through government organizations and NGO's (some of you perhaps work for) in Africa, through the African  government, Africa will no longer belong to Africans. In recent years, with the declassification, there has been modifications made. (The original documents for NSM200 certain parts were blacked out and has somehow been removed from public view). 

I wrote on the topic of Depopulation in several blogs in regards to NSM200,  Henry Kissinger and Reparations at my Blog Spot SAY WHAT?

These government entities who accomplish nothing but to drain Africa's economy dry, keeping the people in ignorance,  lack,  sickness,  disease, and chaos;  make their reports to the Colonial Masters,  as to how many Africans have died and how and with what.

Was it their patented HIV/AIDS virus?  Was it their Ebola experiment?   Is it their free vaccines? Malaria?  Is it the Chem clouds that are masked by Africans polluting the atmosphere with their burning of refuse?  Is it the poisons they import in food stuffs that most Africans consume daily for lack of education?

Believe,  the list goes on and on and Africans are totally oblivious. They have lost empathy for their brothers and sisters home and those of Diaspora. We are a disjointed people. 

These things are not taught in schools because the curriculum is designed from a colonial mindset to brainwash the African,  keeping them in ignorance, dangling that proverbial carrot,  giving them enough to get those initials  behind and in front of their names. They then end up leaving Africa taking their education and know how with them working for these same entities perpetuating that same colonial, inept,  controlling beastly mindsets, playing the 'House Nigga'.  Or they end up working for these same entities for 'ground nuts' perpetuating that same colonial, inept, controlling beastly mindsets for "Mr Charlie"; as they help to keep their brothers and sisters in lack and poverty. A vicious cycle of denigration and docility that supports their agenda.

Hence,  the people continue in ignorance of which is their purpose to depopulate and take over Africa. 

I suggest Africans read the Willie Lynch Letter that will shed some light on the current conditions of Africa.

Africans must also know their rich history not the convoluted history they have been feed  but our Ancestral history before Islam and before Christianity; that Ancient source of true spirituality, our true history that they have conveniently left out of world history.  

Instead,  they have taken our history, watered it down and returned to us their false  whitewashed versions  written in their books,  in particular that book they call the Holy Bible, with a White Master they used to control the African with Christianity. 

They have demonized our Ancestors to keep us from searching truth and true spirituality for their way of life that Africans follow religiously to this day.

We are truly as sheep going to slaughter.

They have and keep the brilliance of black minds and their literary works from the international markets. They have rejected, as with Africans and have kept scientific, geological, anthropological and astrological works of our great learned Egyptologist, historians, professors, doctors, meta physicians of renown from the Africans. Many of who has returned to their African roots who are unrecognized by Africans who hold on to falsehoods of a false religion and religious System designed to keep them from knowing who they are.

Two such great men, Professor James Smalls and Rabbi Kohein Halevi are right here in Ghana!

SANKOFA IS AFRICANS ONLY HOPE! RESTORATION HAS COME! The choice is yours; be free or continue in darkness of ignorance, chaos, poverty and lack.

I will continue to say that all things are relevant. No thing happens by accident. The Ancients of Days are still saying; "Come out of Her My People". SANKOFA!

I suggest you read the following blog: The Christian Mission In Africa   I also suggest listening to  Dr. Professor James Smalls

Blog on China's take-over of Ghana's fishing industry coming soon...

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