Friday, June 23, 2017

Treasure of Jewels

To continue playing this game called life, we must start each level over until we find the right path, matching up all the jewels to ascend to the next level.

I have recently come across this game called Egypt Jewels. I am not one to sit around playing games, however, I live alone, I do not watch TV or listen to radio; therefore, when I take a break I sometimes entertain myself with this game. You may know of such games where you must have either two or three matches of a jewel or character in order to solve a mystery prior to advancing to the next level.

This game has stoppers that block the way to a match.  Therefore, one must figure out the correct systematic pattern and strategy in order to have an unobstructed path to a matching jewel to go beyond that level before going to the next level.

I have gotten down to the last two or four matches only to find that the stoppers prevented a direct path to connect with the match. Therefore, that level of the game had to be restarted and re-strategized.

Such is the life of humans.  We think that we have figured out the path but get to a certain point and realize that we made the wrong match or choices only to run into a stopper.

This causes a wise one to step back and formulate a different strategy to win at the game and advance to the next level.  In life, we must reassess our moves to figure out where the stoppers are or how or where to start over again.

These stoppers are called dysfunctions or filters that we hold in our subconscious mind that prevents us from seeing our pathway clear. Therefore, we must reorganize and change our thinking process in order to let go of any filters to make the right choice to fulfill that level of escalation before advance to another.

To continue playing this game called life, we must start each level over until we find the right path, matching up all the jewels to ascend to the next level.

The Restoration of spiritual consciousness, in this dispensation of grace, is a restart for humanity referred to by many of the Enlightened One’s called the Shift.

This Shift is an open portal of divine knowledge revealing the new and correct path that has removed these stoppers called dark energy or old negative karma that allows humans an unobstructed pathway to restoration, regeneration, a transliteration to remembrance of who they are and why they are here on earth.

In the old dispensation, there were many stoppers of negative energies, karma, and dysfunctional mindsets that held many back from growth of ascension into the heavenly realms of spiritual consciousness. However, this Shift of the revelation into spiritual awareness and consciousness has removed those stoppers of negative energies and error. Humans, therefore, can tap into the spirit realm without those mental filters.

These filters are a result of humans having been influenced by tradition, culture, religion, and; a biased and controlled worldly elite system that was less than honorable and lacked integrity.  We have been influenced by things we were taught in school, things our parents told us or did not tell us, our environment and society’s values that may not have always been true or conducive to our divine origin of true spirituality.  

However it takes an effort on our part to ascertain and identify what those filters and dysfunctions of the memories are that are stored in our subconscious.  The old energies of half truths, error, manipulation, falsehoods and biases that keeps one holding onto these negativities, must be primaled from our minds.  Humans must realize those things that prevent restoration and ascension into spiritual growth and maturity.  We must come into the knowledge of our life-purpose; of our higher self, of the god within and receive the mysteries of those spiritual jewels of truth.

We must allow Spirit, through our Innate to eliminate and rid us of those old beliefs  or those filters of old negative energies, thoughts and false belief systems,  that prevents us from growing and coming into the knowledge of who we are and why we are here on this earth. I like to say those things that prevent us from coming into our reality; the reality of our higher-self, which is a more abundant life! Our new heaven right here on a new earth is now!

Spirituality is not that of going to a building and an elaborate show of emotionalism or formalized programs of which most often prevents the Spirit from working to change and fulfill one’s life.

Spirituality is not that of going all week or every day without communicating with G-D or honoring the Spirit within called Innate, in a specific way, on a specific day at a specific time. Spirituality is not that of attempting to change or attempting to “save” others. True Spirituality is to have continual communication with the Most High and an entourage of divine beings.  These spiritual guides, call them angels if you’d like, protect and keep humans on the right path contingent upon how one utilize their free-choice,  intent, what they  think, what they speak  and how they act.

Spirituality is 24/7 contact with G-D through the god in you!

There is no need to go to a building to find G-D. G-D is within!  Humans are the very essence  of G-D in fleshly form. If one needs the fellowship with other believers there is nothing wrong with that. Go to church, go to Mosque or go to Temple if you feel the need, however, know that you carry G-D and a myriad of heavenly hosts around with you! You are the holy temple!  You are the Ark! You are god!

There is no need to go to a building to jump up and down, shouting, running down the aisle, falling over backwards and such.  This is a lower form of worship and a lower consciousness.  It is also a filter that prevents one from receiving that of which would help them find all the jewels within that would propel them into spiritual awareness and consciousness. In this state of false worship one cannot ascend to the next level of spirituality or Christ or god consciousness. It is in Christ or god consciousness where true worship is!

Spirituality is not an outward show of emotions but an inner confirmation of the spirit within.

Spirituality is not to show others how holy or spiritual you are but for you to show others how holy they are and can be.

Spirituality is not loud, boisterous show of emotions but quietness of spirit in Spirit that one may be able to hear, to receive divine wisdom and knowledge of enlightenment.
This light comes through ones Innate.  It is ones Innate that holds the Akasha Records to ones higher self that aids one in getting rid of the filters; the negative energies, negative thoughts; false concepts, false teachings and false beliefs. It is the negativities of that old energy source that keeps one from going beyond the veil. It is the old energy of negativities and error that keep one from bridging the gap to their higher self of the god within. It is false histories, false religious beliefs and concepts of who G-D is and who we humans are that prevent humans from knowing who and where G-D truly is.  

We humans are to become Christs; the way for others to see; to become the light that shines on their path; to release truth; to be restored and remember who we are and why we are here on this earth.  This is Restoration.

One cannot be restored if they do not know what it is they are to be restored to. Catch the Vision.

Hotep Light One Love!
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