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"Thoughts change lives, living life change thoughts" ARJ

Human’s thoughts are the most powerful tools used to change one’s life.  “As a (wo)man thinks within their heart so is (S)he”.  This is the basic Principle of Divine Law of “reaping and sowing” or “like for like” that evokes change in one’s life.  Whether one knows there are such laws that exists and are responsible for creating situations and conditions in one’s life, the life of others and the world or not; human’s thoughts are what controls their lives.  If one who petitions the Most High cannot get these basic Principles then why pray or meditate? When we pray or meditate, we have invoked a law.  Therefore, wouldn’t it stand to reason that our thoughts should be conducive to and in compliance with the corresponding law that creates and change our lives that we may live a complete and full life?
It is really important that we come up out of that false misconception that “we are no longer under law but grace” or that the “law was nailed to the cross” gobble-gook and face reality. It was the Law of Physics that created the entire Universe and Multiverse.  It was the Law of Gravity and many other laws that the Christ invoked to create what we call miracles that this ability is part of our inherent divine nature as well. The Christ told us of these laws through his teachings. He showed us the path  and how to utilizing them when he said, “greater things than this you will do” and I AM telling you about how to do it before I go back home for it is this reason that I AM come.

It is we humans who are responsible for initiating the situations in this world today.  Through generations of negative thoughts of energy of hate, biases, racism and removing G-D far from us, somewhere out there.  These negative thought, pushing negative energies, has returned upon us the very evils we face in this world today. We blame it on governments, leaders and a make believe devil, those many call “sinners”; everyone but ourselves! We then exert our energies fighting ourselves and a nonexistent enemy through a humanistic god we have conjured up in our minds instead of recognizing the god within us. Instead of accepting that we are a part of the G-D; we try to find the Most High everywhere except where G-D is! Many are calling on that same entity that we have conjured up in our minds to perform some miracle or to make situations better for us when that power to do is inherent within us called Innate.

Humans must truly repent of their false concepts and start taking matters into their own hands. We keep waiting on a ‘boxed’ up god that we have conjured up within our minds of which we have rendered powerless by humanizing it! Waiting for what?

Seascape from Mables Table Elima
Cape Coast Ghana
When humans accept the fact that we were created as gods, not only an image or likeness but gods; we can then let the god within out of that box of restrictions and old negative energies to find the true god within.

G-D is not somewhere out there G-D is within humans. We cannot separate the G-D of ALL from the god within us because we are all one with the ONE!

Can one separate their head from their body and still exist?  Can one separate their lungs from their breath? Can one separate their spirit from life? Neither can the Creator be separated from creation.

This shift into the new paradigm and change of spiritual awareness and consciousness are the very same Principles that the Christ gave to humanity. Humans in their attempt to deify the man have rejected the very Principles that have kept them creating conglomerates of negative thoughts of energy that have caused the very detriments we face today.

Love is the Key to restoring humans back to that perfect state.  Without love, one will be unable to make the shift into god-consciousness for G-D is love!  Without love humans will continue to fight wars, create negative situations, manipulate other cultures; have unfounded biases based on ignorance; and, harbor non acceptance of others that dishonor the god within them, which is an extension of the same G-D we all say we love, honor and worship.

Humans have taken divine concepts and linearized them making up their own concepts that have not worked for thousands of years that goes against the deity of the god within.

What does it matter what one call themselves?  What does it matter what religion one may convert or adhere to? What does it matter where you’re from?  What does it matter what color you are? What does it matter how much money or education you have?  Don’t humans all want the same thing? What does it matter which road we take to get there?  In the end; we will all face that same fate! It has been written: “He that is unjust will be unjust still; and he which is filthy, will be filthy still: and he that is righteous, will be righteous still and he that is holy will be holy still…Blessed are they that ‘do’…the reward is according to his work (like for like) that they may have a right to the Tree of Life and enter in…”

This did not mean to try to “save” others but in “doing”, you cultivate love that your light may shine to draw others—working out your own soul salvation to receive that  light! That’s the work…to become workers of light!

It may seem to many that I write against Christianity. I certainly have a love loss for religion and those dark ones who coveted true spirituality, taken by force, watered-down, perverted and used to control humans, keeping them in darkness of ignorance and chaos. It is not that I am against Christians; Christians seem to be against everyone else who do not think or believe as they do. Gandhi said, “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians’. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”  

I am against the many warped concepts of deceits and perverse perceptions of G-D and the way they attempt to force everyone to believe as they do when many are truly at a loss as to who they are and what to believe!  They have contrived doctrines and beliefs that took the loving, companionate, omniscient divine essence of G-D’s divine nature and characteristics reducing these holy attributes to that of human qualities.  Yet,  they insist they honor and love this God they have made into an untouchable, hateful, vengeful, I am sending you to hell if you don’t do right or do as we say; hold your mouth in a certain way; jump through hoops and believe in G-D the way we do.  

Most Christians come against others,  their beliefs and culture merely because they do not fit inside that box many Christians have confined themselves to. Instead of seeing that the Soul of G-D is in all things; that the Spirit of G-D is housed in every human they insist that their Jesus is the only way and that without understanding the esoteric intent. Why not just honor the G-D within every human being?

To love G-D is to love, recognize and honor the god within others. The rejection of  the G-D within others is to reject the god within oneself.  This would be one who is void of love because G-D is love!

This is what causes aggravation to those workers of light.  These are those truly enlightened ones who have acknowledged and accepted all humans wherever they are.  They are consciously aware of their Innate; they have been restored; they have entered into the Most Holy Place beyond the Veil connecting to their higher self or the god within.  These are they who stand in the gap releasing light, love and truth. Call them apostles, prophets enlightened ones, who cares what they are called it is what they do that matters?

The enlightened one’s see so clearly and it is difficult for us to reconcile those who say that they love G-D who live contrary to and opposed to their divine nature of living a godly life. Particularly, those who are devoid of light and think they are the only ones who have it.

The answers for the world today are so very plain, clear and simple that many are missing it! –LOVE!

Love yourself and the god within and you can love others. You will be able to look beyond the humanisms to the god within each individual.  Catch the vision. Namaste…

Hotep Light One Love!
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