Sunday, May 28, 2017

Thought For Today

Shine on me...The lyrics of a spiritual gospel song sung in that old Baptist Church I was raised where those holy elderly  deacons would croon in soulful cadence wiping the tears from their eyes. I greeted the day with this song in my heart. Only my confirmation was a little different.

“Shine through me, Oh shine through me
Let the Light from the lighthouse shine through me
Shine through me, Shine through me
Let the Light from the Lighthouse Shine through me...”

Many of us today are not cognizant of the power of our words and thoughts. 

In this dispensation of  the Shift into the new spiritual energy, we must be mindful of not only our thoughts but our words. Our thoughts and words depict the reality of who we are. 

Our mindsets must change to reflect the new.  We must get rid of that old paradigm of understanding; of the old energy so that Restoration can take place that we will Become the New Man who will make the Shift into the Light  to Become that Light.

We are the Light of the World! We are the salt of this earth!  The fate of our families, other human beings and of the earth rests within  our minds.  We can either use that powerful energy force in a positive way to speak and release Light; or in a negative way to stay in that old energy that speaks revolt, hate, defeat, depression, violence, sickness and disease.

The choice is yours. Will you merely look for the Light to shine on you? Or will you walk into the Light and let it shine through you to others?

Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!     
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