Monday, May 1, 2017

Thinking With Your Spirit Mind

Thoughts produce energy

It is that time of season again where baby or false prophets are speaking words from their own heart and without revelation of the Shift into this new paradigm or dispensation of the "Testimony of Christ", which is the Spirit of Prophecy

Be careful what you allow someone to speak into your life!  Be cognizant of what you take into your spirit as prophetic utterance.  This is the season that everybody and anybody will be uttering words from their own heart claiming them to be from a divine source.   Know that you can speak a Word into your own life. 

We have all been through some difficult times. Many of us have some difficult times ahead in dealing with the situations in this world that we are faced with daily.  Most often we bring those difficulties upon ourselves by making the wrong choices or inadvertently taking some type of action or make a not so good decision for the situation.  All of our thoughts and decisions have a definite impact in our lives and the results of them are contingent upon the thought or action that we think, speak or action we take. 

Divine Law dictates and works out the reality of the thoughts and decisions that we make.  The thing is to make the right choices for us and the best decisions for the situations.  

Without a doubt Divine Spirit implant within our mind Divine Ideas that if we allow Mother Wisdom (Divine Spirit) to lead, guide and direct us as we tap into Divine Universal Mind, more than likely we will make the right decision for the situation that we are faced with.  Therefore, our minds must be renewed and we must learn to be pliable to Divine Spirit that She may guide us into all Truth.  

We must therefore put on our Christ mind that we may be able to identify those promptings, Divine Thoughts and Divine Ideas that come into our mind, to act upon them as Spirit leads.  We must know Divine Mind.  We must think from the spiritual realm to receive, rightly interpret to understand the Concepts and Principles that our innate impresses in our mind.

It is not a long drawn-out process unless we make it so. We humans are forever being transformed through our thoughts as we become pliable to the divine concepts that is fed into our mind.  A renewed mind must be achieved in order to tap into Divine Universal Mind of the Creator. You have perhaps heard that your first thought is usually the right one?  Most often this is correct. However, we humans have tendency to conceptualize, analyze and intellectualize those thoughts to fit into an old paradigm and old way of thinking.

I am just as vulnerable as the next person and this is simply because we have each been given free will. Therefore, do not think that you are alone. I do not know how to stress the importance of losing the mindset of a false doctrine of  a satan, devil and demons.  It is our own thoughts, whether they are negative or positive, spoken that invokes Divine Law that determines the results of any decision and/or action that we make. This is the same process that our prayers and petitions are answered or perhaps not.  

Our thoughts are energy which is fed into our subconscious mind, which is Law.  Both Spirit and Law (which are one in the same) are designed to work out the reality of our petitions and thought just as we request.  Therefore, we must be cognizant of what we feed into our mind.  

These are not difficult concepts they have just been erroneously taught and the process of getting rid of these false perceptions is sometimes difficult for us humans. We humans do not like change.  This is what Paul continually spoke of and reiterated on a level for those of his day would understand--renew your mind. 

Growth and change or to evolve is the way of the entire Universe!  We are all subject to law.  Therefore, wouldn’t it make sense to learn these laws and make them work on our behalf?  They are going to work and accomplish what we speak, think or the way we act whether we know of the law or not!  Gravity cannot stop being gravity just because one does not believe in it.  All law works under the auspices of Divine Law.  Divine Law is whatsoever a man sows that shall he reap, etc.

I have said and will continue to say that it is because of Divine Law that Grace exists!   The Law has not been done away with or nailed to the cross. 

Test these words to see whether they are true or not!  What would you have to lose except the false concepts and teachings of the doctrine of demons devils and a satan made me do it; along with the erroneous teachings that we are no longer under the law?  What would you have to gain?  Answered prayers perhaps and a renewed mind with ability to evoke Divine Law to work in a positive way on our behalf. 

With all of our getting, we are to get an understanding.  With an understanding one is better able to make more intelligent and informed decisions. The grace of G-D, through the Principles of Divine Law will work richly within our hearts bringing us into the reality of our Life-Purpose. 

Nameste and the Grace of the Divine Creator rest, rule and abide within us all bringing all into their spiritual inheritance of abundance and prosperity.

The Christ Principles

Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!    
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