Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Islamics and Christians Repent

Islamic's and Christians repent of your murders of innocent people. 

I do not know who is censoring these videos but I will get them out to the public. Therefore, sorry for the inconvenience. Click on the appropriate links:
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You have hide behind your religion under the guise of serving G-D as you have enslaved and continually murder a Chosen Nation of peoples that existed before either of you. Before Abraham was, they were!

I believe Muhammad would be turning in his grave and YAHshua, the Christ, Christians call Jesus certainly is. 

The Quran, just as the Scriptures and the Bible were written under inspiration by a man or men who received and translated divine impressions of Allah G-D, through their manness of limited knowledge of who G-D is. 

Neither was the Quran nor the Bible were meant to be taken literally. Both were written during a time when humans needed a guide for social and moral conduct and living. Both Islam and Christianity have let all of humanity down.

Islam and Christianity has perverted, misconstrued and erroneously translated the metaphorical language, lacking ability to “Rightly” interpret and tailor those inspired words to meet the needs of humanity today. 

You have  attempted to protect the Way and The G-D, as if Allah needs your protection through force and by inflicting hurt, harm and hatred on those who do not believe as you. Your histories and beginnings were constructed upon violence against G-D's creations. Yet,  you both claim that you serve a munificent G-D of love and compassion. Where is the reasoning in that?

Anyone or any religion who commits murder, for any reason are guilty of murder.  There is no justification whatsoever for murdering a human creation of the Most High. 

Who dares think for G-D? Who dares bring judgment on another human who was divinely created in the Image and Likeness of a Divine Creator?

Now, who are the true  infidels?  Who are the hypocrites? Catch the vision...

Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!     
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