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For eons the Spirit of the Most High and the Ancients of Days has been trying to Shift human consciousness into reality of Restoration away from the fairy-tale fables of a rapture and a counterfeit religious System that is keeping humans in bondage. 

The message has always been misconstrued and flawed by humankinds false conceptions of the greatest revelation that humans could ever receive. Humans were never left ignorant to follow their own devices. Certainly we have been given free will to make intelligent choices and have always had spiritual guides to set us on the right path. However, men in their greed for power and control formulated their own opinions and ideas of what has always been as they set their own values and viewpoints of who G-D is and the reason for  humans being on this earth. Through these false speculations and erroneous interpretations of prophecy and the Writings given to humans, mankind has created the greatest deception of all time.

The shift into spiritual consciousness is now upon us at a most critical time of urgency.  Yet, people refuse to receive it merely because it does not fit into their religious and traditional concepts or church doctrines.

The Shift has turned into a shaking that has and will continue to shake the very foundations of Christendom. This Shift in Spiritual consciousness and energy will shake-up and restore the old tainted belief System; it will shake-up the controlling elite political System; the economic System; the entire Eco System and all other systems out of sync with the Divine System of creation operating without integrity and pure intent, they all will be shaken to the core!
Many have seen the signs, yet they are still not getting the Mystery of the coming of the age or the end of their time. This ‘time of the end’ or ‘end time’ is the end of the old paradigm, restoration from the old man consciousness; redemption from the religious concepts of a rapture into a qualitatively new earth in spiritual awareness. That the ‘time of the end’ has come! Many will surly fall and be unseated from governments, to businesses, to the rich and poor alike. A remnant of awakened righteous humans will rise.

Humans cannot get past the falsehoods of which they base their beliefs to see that the ’time of the end’ or the ‘end of time’ is the end of  old concepts, old consciousness, beliefs in an Armageddon, a rapture and a great tribulation to receive the Mysteries of the Kingdom of G-D and Heaven now. 

Religious leaders continue to perpetuate false doctrines of a rapture that was contrived years ago from a partial disclosure from someone’s lack of understanding the prophetic and esoteric aspects of what the Spirit revealed. They then assimilated a hypothesis from their human intellect that has distorted a great spiritual revelatory awakening. Many continue to hold onto those flawed and warped concepts that even go against nature, physics and science, which is reality; which are facts and truth; which is G-D!

I am telling you if there is ever the time to catch the vision of this spiritual awakening it is now!

Why do you think there is such unrest around the world today?  Of course the controlling elite play a major role in this chaos. This is because humans were set up and entered into a lawless fairytale land.  The elite knew that humans needed to be controlled in order to save this earth.  However, in their foolishness of deceptions they created the opposite of that they set out to do because of powerful evil influences who controls their minds.

The minds and consciousness of humans has been seared. The ‘falling away’ is now. Humans have become acclimated to a way of life that is far removed from G-D and the godly intent for their existence. People are not falling away from the faith or the “church” but the false religious Systems and the false beliefs founded by the churchy ‘One World Order”. People are falling away from the perpetuation of erroneous, confusing teaching of religious leaders who refuse to admit that they got it wrong.

Restoration has come! Judgment has come, just a the bible have predicted.  It has come to the churchy religious System who are holding onto a perverted gospel that has blinded eyes and deafened ears to truth.

Babylon the Great has fallen! Mr.Trump is the very instrument being used for reconstruction that will shake up the World  from out of their slumber  to bring people into  the reality of the “Coming”.

This “Coming” is not the Christman they call Jesus who will come back to receive his own!  It is not the coming of the end of the world! Instead, it is the Coming of the End of an old man;  an end of an old heaven and an old earth; an end to   old dark Systems into the new System of spiritual reality and light. This is the New Man; the New Heaven; the New Earth!  “It is finished”! “Behold, I AM make all things new”! “It is done”!

I tell you that the Christ (anointed humans) have never left. The Christ Principles never left! The Spirit of Truth has never left! G-D and the holy entourage has never left! Instead of humans receiving the Promise of Inheritance, they have fabricated a great deceptive story based on folklore and fairytales. They have fabricated these stories lacking  spiritual knowledge, linearizing the metaphorical language and allegories of the bible. This has keep humans in darkness of ignorance and chaos.

NOW, right now, is the time of the end! It is the time of the end of an old paradigm. It is time to recognize and come into reality; to be restored into the truth of the realities of what the Ancients of Days, the Christman, Mohammad, Buddha and thousands of other great prophets before them left behind.

The great falling away is now!  Fall away from false and erroneous teachings.  Fall away from those beastly controlling deceptions of a rapture where those who ‘believe’ will instantly be whisked away into a realm devoid of oxygen.   To where will they go from there, if the heavens and earth has been destroyed?

The great awakening has come upon the entire world.  The Spirit is wooing humans attempting to bring them back into their reality. The judgments of fire which many have labeled a hell, is now upon this earth and we are living in it! However, this unquenchable fire is the fire that will burn and consume the hearts and minds of humans to awake them to their folly; to awaken their Christ or god consciousness; to burn up error and purify  minds from false beliefs superstitions; and, the counterfeit teachings of the Great Whore who has caused them to flee into a wilderness of darkness and chaos.  There is no hiding place!  This judgment of fire will free one from the hell many live in now. There is no escape from these purifying embers. Only a grave of darkness as one comes to the end of their life and realize that they have come up short of their Life-purpose.

Ask anyone who has had a near death experience and they will tell you that their entire life flashed in their mind in a twinkling of an eye.  Their spirit revived them and they came back changed to do those things they did not do, should have done before that near death experience.

Why not now? Why wait a lifetime thinking and believing that one must go through negative situations, of which have been created within their own minds? Why wait just to find out, at your end of time, that you could have lived in a heavenly place of paradise  all along? What would you have to lose? The most important question is what would you gain?

Humans have already been granted eternal life. Why live life as if there is no hope?  Why look for something you already have?  Waiting…Waiting for what?  The time when your fleshly body dies thinking that is all there is, then you can enter into that place called heaven?  Why not now? Why not enter in now to live that abundant life of Promise?  Is the God you serve so out of touch with humanity and the way of life for humans that they have come to think this is all there is? 

I believe each of you know within your heart that there is more. And I am here to tell you that there is more! Right here, right now! Humans do not have to die to enter into heaven!  The Covenant; the Will has been ratified. It is time to collect your inheritance. Catch the vision!
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Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!     
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