Wednesday, April 26, 2017

You’re Larger Than You Think

We humans have become acclimated to living way below our means.  We must therefore, reclaim our memory of why we are here on this earth that we may walk in fullness of our godhood.

Every culture in history has a story of creation since ancient times before religion. Most creation stories involve the creation of the Worlds, this earth and a Supreme Deity who is the Creator.  Whether we call IT GOD or by the many title we humans have tagged onto IT; if we believe that an Munificent-All-Powerful-Loving Spirit Being created humans, in IT’s own Image and Likeness, then we must come to the conclusion that humans are to depict and are that perfect Image and Likeness.

An image is an exact replica of the original. For example, if one were to put on a glove, wear it for extended periods, that glove will eventually take on the shape of the hand wearing it. Humans are spiritual Beings clothed in a body of flesh and bone.  We are the exact replica of our Creator. Our spirit being did not change. In order to fulfill our Life-Purpose on Earth it was out of necessity that we donned a human body. However, through the evolutionary process from birth into adulthood, Humans became a product of their environment loosing memory of who they were, where they came from and why they came to be on this earth.

Religion has taken away the very thing that makes us what we are. It has taken away our spiritual identification and power; it has manipulated our minds so much so that we have lost recollection of who we are and why we are here. We have lost our focus. We have lost our divine attributes. We have accepted the norms of an advancing society that tells us what to think, how to act and even what we should believe.

Human must therefore, reclaim their spiritual identity and godhood. We must then renew our thought process riding ourselves of all the allusions of who we have been told we are. We must be restored back to our original intent.

How do we accomplish this? We must change the way we think, pure and simple. The thoughts within our mind becomes who we are.

Once we get rid of those things that tells us we can’t, all the restrictions, mans traditions, falsehoods and limitations forced upon us from an outdated religious System; we will be able to go beyond religion, tap into the Spirit who will do the necessary work to remove the blockages and dysfunctions if we allow Her to. There must be a willingness to know. There must be pliability to receive. We must began to listen to that divine innate within that hold all the mysteries of who we are. We must relearn how to touch G-D. Humans must be awakened to reality.  Reality is truth! “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”!

Humans and religion have made the simple and ordinary obscure surround in myths, fables and fairytales watered-down in the idiosyncrasies of the “old man”. The old man resides in error, greed, fear, insecurity, depression, depravity, hopelessness, helplessness and controlled by those concepts and beliefs forced upon them by a corporal System and the old elite hierarchy who controls the masses through religion.

Humans are more powerful than we think.  We must reclaim our power.  We must start with love for ourselves, other humans; to honor the god within, honor the god within other humans; and, all of Mother Earth’s creations.

There has been a major Shift; a renewed paradigm; a new way of thinking.  The old man concepts have no authority or power and cannot enter into the new. Your mind depicts the reality of who you are.
With the Shift came Restoration of Humans; an increased spiritual energy, power and authority for humans to reclaim and walk in our divinity of godhood. Yes, we have the power to defy gravity!  Yes, we have the power to walk on water!  Yes, we have the power to heal ourselves and others! Yes, we have the power of alchemy! Yes, we have the power to create! This power is innate, infused within our DNA. We could not get rid of this innate power even if we wanted to. It is us!  It is I AM! It is G-D! Yes, you are more powerful than you think! Catch the vision!

Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!    
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