Monday, April 3, 2017

What's Really Important?

I spend so much time helping and working with others that I find I have neglected me. I must work on myself.  As I ascend the spiritual realms,   I too am connecting the dots to put together my own unique pieces in the vast puzzle called   life.  I want to say that if you feel this way, you are not alone.

Everything I get is from the Spirit, I share, although I am still connecting the dots myself, I find that I sometimes  get critical of others. The seriousness of which most of us have to seek our higher purpose and  G-D  appears to be elusive to many.  I want to say that you are not alone, if  you share these feelings.

I get critical simply because  as one ascends, truth seems so simple that I have difficulty understanding why other humans are not readily available to receive it. Not me alone, but all of us may feel this way at times. You know what I have found out?  It is called growth and maturity. 

These feelings are not only natural they are totally a  human  aspect of ourselves effected  by  living as humans on this earth.  Yet, these feelings are important in that it serves as a catalyst to take us to the next step or level of spirituality.  I am not saying that it is good or bad to be critical of ourselves or others. However, we must be sensitive and cognizant to understand the plight of others as well as ourselves at  this stage of our growth.
Christianity would have us to believe that this is judgmental and some would even say, “judge not least you be judged”. Reality would say, you betta  judge that you may be able to make a just and fair decision for not only your life but that of which will have effect on the life of others. I say others  because we are all connected.  The entire premise behind “let  your light shine”;  is that others may see the light within you and be drawn into it.

You see as I receive, learn and grow; I disseminate the information as well.  I too am making the Shift. I have gone beyond the veil past that of the religious concepts and doctrine that we have been acclimated to. Yet, I must still close that gap and cross the bridge to connect to my divine DNA and my innate self or my higher self to who I AM.  I must still cross that threshold into the realities of my self existence.  

I too still find some residual of the old paradigm within me. Therefore, I may come across and appear to others as being out of touch with reality. In fact it is reality that I devolve, in part, as the Spirit gives me utterance. The residuals are the traditions of men that we humans seem to hold onto and those outdated religious mindsets of which we think is righteous that prevents us from shifting beyond this third dimension of  our physical existence while here on earth.   

I have found out that this is OK. It is our human nature. Therefore, our spiritual self sometimes seem unattainable and a far-fetched notion. However, we must recognize that we were first spiritual beings; we are spiritual beings housed in flesh and bone. This is why the restorative process is so important and paramount to our survival while here on earth. 

We go through so much in this life that we find ourselves weighted down focusing on the physical aspects of ourselves that we lose sight of what truly matters--our spiritual self or our higher self.  We care more about what others are doing and what others may think about us. Most often people will separate themselves from us and even our family will think us delusional. 

The question is, if we are all connected and all come from the same source; and, the salvation of our family, loved ones and the human race depends upon the light that exudes from our very being; what is more important? Let us all just catch the vision and make the Shift.

Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!    
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