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The mind within humans depicts the truth and totality of who they are. Within the mind of man are the keys to restoration and resurrection into life everlasting. One becomes what one thinks. Simply put, if you think you can, you will. If you think you can’t, you won’t.

Within the mind is  memory.  Memory is the storehouse of all of that of which humans have learned and experienced while so journeying here on earth.  Whether one is aware or not, every thought, how we perceive and have dealt with every situation we are faced with, the results of each act is stored within the memory of man.  This is known as mans consciousness.

Consciousness therefore, is the vehicle used to communicate with G-D in the spirit realms. Consciousness therefore is a conglomerate of energetic thought that make humans who they are. It controls bodily functions and conditions, sending messages to the living cells responsible for regenerating molecular structure.

Without consciousness there is no intent of control over one’s life. Therefore humans must seek for a harmonious relationship between the innate and the ethereal to command the systems of the body to function to their benefit.

Without conscious intent, our cellular structure does its own thing unless instructed otherwise.  Our thoughts and words are powerful creative forces. Thoughts become words. Those words manifestation as 'things'.

Humans have lost sight of their godly  ability. This loss is the result of humans living in an imperfect power dominated society; through our environment, education and religion that all have a direct impact over controlling our lives.  We therefore live an unbalanced life out of harmony with our original design and intent, to someone else's expectations. As a result, we   ignore our own unique inherent godly nature as we give way to what society think right or wrong, moral or immoral.  

Because of what and how we think; what we speak and how we act affect our consciousness, the imbalances often times create  inner tension, dysfunctions and conditions within the human body. Therefore, a thing can lay dormant and unaware until the symptoms began to show or are felt.  Thus the esoteric intent behind the phrase “physician heal thyself”.

The authors book Mind contains information for the layman who is unfamiliar with the concepts of consciousness, thought, memory, the mind and cause and effect.

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Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!    
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