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Fight A Good Fight

”Fight The good fight keeping faith and a good conscience”.

The conscious or consciousness is our knowing state, that of which we know, see and feel. The opposite of consciousness is unconsciousness. In an unconscious state one is comatose, unaware of their condition and do not know what is going on around them. Our conscience is held in our mind. Our mind is the hub of our Soul. Our soul is the vessel of our mind and holds all that we are.

From the spiritual and scriptural concepts, there are three activities of conscious states of mind: Spiritual or Psychical and Physical.

The Psychical is influenced by the human mind or psyche and capable of extraordinary mental processing such as telepathy and extrasensory perceptions (ESP).  It is the mental realm of man. That which is outside the natural or  the scientific knowledge of which is the vehicle to the spiritual. The Spiritual Realm is absolute! It is supreme! This is where G-D resides. Within man, it is a heavenly state of existence beyond the veil of clouded gospels, selfish nature, beastly attitudes and the traditions of man—it is pure spirituality! It is Heaven! Notice that I said pure spirituality not religion.

The Psychical is that part of the mental soul realm of thought images and ideas where our mind is sensitive to forces beyond this physical world. This is where Spirit teaches us in preparation to venture into the spiritual realities of the the Most Holy Place—the Throne Room.

The psychic realm is where we war against principalities and powers; we tear down speculative thinking, and hold our thoughts captive whether they are good thoughts or bad thoughts. This is where our thoughts become creative words and are executed coming into existence as a blessing or curse as we  “Think within our heart”.

The Physical realm is the manifestation of the Spiritual realm—it is a partial reality--a mirror image!  The manifestation of our physical world was birthed and became evident in the eye of our understanding, as a result of our environment, beliefs and psychical or mental activities; of teachings, thoughts and memories. We are a product of our environment.

There are rules, precepts and concepts that govern our existence within these  realms of which determines our outcome. These rules precepts and concepts, I call Divine Law.  The Spirit is Divine Law. Divine Law is executed whether we are aware that we have invoked a law or not. Divine Law is and always will be. Whether we know there is a Law or not, this does not mean that the Law does not exist or that its judgments positive or negative will not  be imputed. Divine Law does not need to know that this is, it just is and indiscriminately works out our thoughts, words and actions

Divine Law does not discriminate! Run a red light. Whether or not you knew running the red-light was against the law or not you must suffer the consequences for running the red-light. Thus, cause/effect and action/reaction. The cause and/or action were to run the red light. The effect and/or reaction were the results of running the red light. 

Divine Law is, “Whatsoever a man sows that shall he reap”! What goes up, must come down! What goes around comes around! These are all laws governed under the auspices of Divine Law. 

Therefore, once we invoke law, because law does not have ability to discriminate our words, which was first a thought, Spirit receives our words executing them as we think and speak. Thus, “As a man thinks within his heart so is he”.

Our physical world is a replica of the spiritual realm--as above so below. All Divine Ideas were given unto us whether we accept them or not. The Creator has infused us with Divine DNA. The Gifts of life, love, peace, health, and faith is our substance. They are eternal and ever-present. They are inherent within us and could lay dormant  until they are incorporated into our consciousness, our mind, our heart. 

We must unify our thoughts with reality (spirit) according to the gifts given to us otherwise our mind, body and soul stays separated. Unity is imperative that we might live a good life so we may “Fight the good fight, keeping faith having a good conscious thought (mind-set) which some have rejected and suffered shipwreck in regard to their faith.”

It is by divine contemplation, receiving divine ideas and having good and positive thoughts through a divine mind-set that we become conscious of our divine nature. 

Ideas and memories that are held within the mind are the basis of our consciousness. The nature, source or root of the ideas for which consciousness was formed reflects ones character. 

One of the greatest thinkers of Philosophy, Rene Descartes, quoted one of my favorite sayings that had to be a divine revelation. Personally, I believe  Descartes did not came to the full realization of,  that is: “Cogito ergo sum—I think therefore I AM”.

Our conscious thoughts harmonize our thoughts with the unlimited thoughts and ideas of  god-consciousness, thereby fulfilling a Law-“Let this mind be in you”. 

Without spiritual consciousness we become fragmented our mind become dependent upon our carnal thoughts and  the intellect. We began to operate in carnality of the mind versus the divine mind—our Christ mind.

Consciousness merely means that we are cognizant of our existence in relation to our environment. It contains all we have ever thought and ideas held in our mind that we have made  reality and are the basis of our consciousness. To put it plainly, consciousness is  memory. A state of consciousness is a phase of the mind where we build an idea where all our past thoughts and ideas forms memory that contributes to ones psychic. 

We can know a thing, however until we know to incorporate the those divine thoughts received, we will become satisfied with carnal knowledge and carnal intellect. This carnality keeps us from incorporating thoughts and ideas into our memory (consciousness), thus limiting Spiritual growth. Therefore, we deceive ourselves with intellectual concepts and traditional teachings that imprison us in natural and physical concepts. This imprisonment locks us out of access to expression, reality and  materialization of those things that are divine, which were given freely to us by Universal Divine Mind.

Therefore, receiving a divine mind remains a figment of ones imagination. The inability to receive revelations keeps one residing as a prisoner in the carnal thought realm while thinking they are spiritual. Therefore, many cannot conceive putting on or renewing their mind to that of the mind of a Christ, which is a restored divine mind. 

A divine or Christ mind is our inheritance. Having a Christ mind balances the intellect with Spirit; carnality with spirituality and ordinary with the extraordinary. This balance gives way to divine mind to receiving divine thoughts. The intellect and mans carnal mind is enmity against G-D. “The ‘mind-set’ on the flesh is death but the ‘mind-set’ on the Spirit is Life and Peace! The mind that is set in the flesh is hostile toward Becoming; for it does not subject itself to law neither is it able to do so…

Flesh cannot enter into the heavenly or spiritual realm. Therefore receiving divine thoughts are contingent on coming into the realization of a divine mind-set and to receiving a divine mind.

Concerning ‘warring’, what many calls ‘warfare’, consider and contemplate: “For though we walk of the flesh we do not war according to the flesh but (as one) divinely empowered for the destruction of fortresses. We are destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of becoming restored as gods; we are taking every thought captive to the obedience of  (a) Christ… (But some of you)  are looking at things as they are outwardly (with a carnal mind-set). If anyone is confident in himself that he is (a) Christ, let him consider this…that just as He is Christ, so also are we.”

There is a constant warring or pushing and pulling between the external and the internal. Paul speaks of this war. Because of ignorance concerning the receiving of the promised abundant life NOW. He speaks of the unwise use of the laws regarding life that produces negative results, that take humans off track. 

We war against carnality, the intellect, the unregenerate beastly mind in man, the Adamic nature; the mind of antichrist, the flesh, traditions of men and false religious and historical teachings. These implements of carnality produce a conglomerate of negative forces that comes back upon us as we think. 

Oh there are without a doubt dark forces. However, humans have conjured up demons and evil spirits as conditions of the mind or states of consciousness. These are the negativisms of which we should strive to overcome. We overcome anything of darkness through light; through the power of being restored back into the Image of  the Creator as I AM.

It is easier to blame a devil than to recognize that we are a product of our own selfish nature and negativities. “Our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against rulers, against the powers, against world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places”-the mind! 

The ‘heavenly places’ is that of the mind. We war against that ‘old man of sin’ within the unregenerate mind not a “devil”!  We war against our own negative thoughts and the religious doctrine of devils, demons and a satan

Another meaning for the "devil" is all the thoughts that fight against and are adverse to Truth. The “devil” signifies the accumulation of negative thoughts being build up in consciousness through generations of earthly experiences of the human personality called the carnal mind. The concepts of a devil is a lie and opponent of Truth.

If humans believe in a devil that has as much power over them to make them do or not do certain things; that they give as much power over them  than the Spirit of G-D within; they walk in the unregenerate mind of man called antichrist. This satanic mind-set keeps humans on a rollercoaster of asking for forgiveness of non existent sins. This diversionary tactic will keep one from fighting an effective successful battle.  It will keep one fighting an external non existent enemy while their mind, thoughts and energies are diverted from  truth.  Thereby keeping humans from coming into and receiving their godly inheritance. 

Humans have within an innate power to tread on serpents; to create any circumstance in our life; the power to destroy and cast down any negativities most call satan!  “So lets press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call as a Christ.

(Originally written 14May2012 under the title Fight The Good Fight)
Hotep (Peace) Light One Love! 
 Apostle Rubie James

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