Thursday, April 27, 2017

Confused Who GOD Is?

This was to much of an exceptional truth and reality to pass up sharing.  My royal daughters Delilah Kinsey and Teresa Baldwinn sent this  awesome video to me.

The theologian in the video is truly confused as he stated.  If he is confused as to who G-D is, what is he teaching the people? If the 'Head' is confused, what about the ‘Body’? This confusion permeates throughout  Christianity and can be seen in today's churches.

Here is basic divine counsel of the Spirit  for those who may not understand what the enlightened one in the video was saying.

Humans are of the same essence, energy, spirit and matter. Religion has, through ignorance of who G-D truly is,  taught us and forced us into a box of their concepts of who not only THE GOD  ELOHEEM is but  who we are as eloheem. Humans must step out of the box. If G-D is all, how can the Creator be separated from Itself?  G-D is science!

This is why the message of the Restoration. Even the Christman brought forth the message of Restoration,  showing and giving humans the Way back into the Kingdom of Heaven, close to 3000 years ago. However, religion built up the MAN versus  seeing the Christ-Principles that the eloheem brought forth. Many did not get it then and humans are totally not getting what THE CHRIST, the "Firstborn among many" gave humans for that day, today and for all time!--The Christ Principles.   These Principles were given to humans to awaken and enlighten us as to who we are and the Light within.

Christ was the firstborn among many Christ’s! What made him the firstborn and the 'only begotten son' was because many of us were not yet born on this earth!

Therefore, through erroneous teachings, traditions of men and acclimation to false religious concepts; we lost our divine attributes as eloheem as we were taught it sacrilege to be equal to G-D  and to reclaim our divine Inheritance a gods. Yet, this is exactly what we all seek. This is the profundity of the Shift into Restoration of the new man. This new man will inhabit the New Jerusalem!

Religion, out of ignorance teaches to look for G-D out there somewhere when we are gods (eloheem). Christ reiterated. "Does your scripture say 'you are gods'?"

Hotep (Peace) Light One Love! 
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