Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Dogs Obey

OK, your thinking, where is she going with this?  I will attempt not to draw the story out, OK?

Many of you know that I am on a ‘Mission’ in Ghana, West Africa and have been living here for over two years.  The Spirit told me some years ago to “follow the paths of the Ancients”.  If you have been reading the words of enlightenment from my blogs, you have read about that.

Anyway, the ‘mission’ turns out to be an ‘Eye’ opening growth experience for me and for others as well, I would hope.  For the two plus years that I have been in Ghana or should I say I was drawn to Ghana, I not only have grown exponentially but I have found that pathway to the Ancients. I have come to the realization that I AM just learning to swim in this vast universe of the sea of enlightenment; a tad-pole evolving into the realities of life, of divine knowledge, wisdom, love and empathy for human-kind. As a result of my receptiveness and willingness to step outside the box, I have been given minute revelation of the many dimensions of the spiritual realms and a ‘view’ into Divine Mind of which I share with others. 

The messages are not only for me but for those of whom I call the Royal Household or the royal progeny that has been infused with the Creators DNA. Of course, I share that knowledge because this is what I was called to do.  

I am a channel to point the Inheritors to the High Way and to build up a “Body of Christ’s”, one of the beacons of light to direct humans to the way of Restoration.  This is   so we can remember who we are and fulfill our Life Purpose while here on this earth; lol, to save the earth. 

I know…As far fetched as that last statement may sound that is the reality of the matter and as I say, we need to catch the vision.

LOL, so what does this have to do with dogs?  Hold on…

I moved to a place where there was a birth of a brood of puppies.  These puppies, at least one of them is troublesome.  I grow vegetables and plants in pots and every morning I would go out for my morning walk and there was dirt at the top of the landing of the stairwell where I have placed one of my planters.
These dogs took a liking to me; perhaps because I would feed them a few times a week  with the scraps when I did cook. At first, I thought the chickens were scratching in the pot scattering the soil all over the tiled staircase until the landlord said to me one day when I went out to clean up the mess, “Those dogs are worrying you O”. (Ghanaians, to my understanding, use ‘O’ to express a sincere feeling either at the beginning of a sentence to get your attention or at the end to show excitement, surprise, disagreement or discontentment.) 

There was this troublesome dog. At times I would hear him yelping because he was always into something and someone obviously did not like what he was doing and meted out punishment.  Even the parent dogs would snap and bite him to make him stop what he was doing.

One day I went out and filled the pots with more soil and replanted.  This particular dog went to one of the pots to disturb my plantings.  I looked at him and began to talk to him, shaking my finger at him telling him that I knew it was him that was destroying my plantings and he just better stop it. He looked up at me, turned around and walked off joining the other dogs who were laying lazily on the brick walkway, looking on as if to say um huh.

As I started up stairs, I turned to see this dog had gone back to the pot sniffing at the soil.  I did not give him opportunity to start digging and reprimanded him again, just as I would speak to a problem child.  It looked at me, as if to say OK, turned around and laid back down with the others.

Well, that Dog has not touched the pots and I believe that he understood everything that I told him that day.

I reflected on those dogs and how they understood and listened to my warning and wondered why their masters or humans could not recognize a voice of divine authority.

I am not comparing Ghanaians to dogs or insinuating that they act like dogs but I just cannot figure out why dogs would hear and obey the voice of an innate soul of G-D and humans don’t or wont; or they cannot recognize the souls who has been enlightened and given the words to convey to them their divine uniqueness. 

Everything on the face of this earth has a soul that is connected to G-D.  However, it is the soul of humans who have been made even higher than the angels; who were given dominion over all the earth. Therefore, it is difficult for me, although I do understand why most reject truth and revelation for falsehood and error, how many humans has become so steeped in religion that they have become blinded to receiving truths that would set them free.

I may be taking this one too far some may think. However, I believe this is the matter with humans.  We take so much for granted not realizing that the Divine Creator fashioned everything and we are all a part of the Whole.  We are incomplete without one another—We are One who are all supposed to be worshiping the same G-D.  

Therefore, I just don’t get why a lower life form, an animal, can obey and respect the voice of divine authority and humans have a difficult time receiving and accepting truth.

I believe that many humans need to come out of that box they have put themselves in and venture out into the light; come out of that dark cave so Spirit will renew their minds, change their hearts, give them more love and empathy for other humans and bring them into Restoration. When we get this; when we can accept one another wherever they are, whatever their beliefs and be receptive to their uniqueness, there will be peace on earth.

Catch the vision

Hotep, Light & Love
Apostle Rubie James

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