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Predestination is one of the Mysteries of the Eternal Gospel that had been kept secret down through the Ages.  It is through divine wisdom and insight that these Mysteries are made known.  The Spirit is the searcher of souls and discerner of spirits in all things even the depths of the thoughts of the Creator, which no one knows except Spirit.  
The natural man does not accept the things of the Spirit because they are spiritually discerned.  The Sons are fully mature or Teleios have the Mind of a Christ and spiritually discern the things of  Divine Nature. 
These Mysteries  are revealed to the Sons, Teleios or awakened mature one's through Spirit. The Sons have been given a 'view' into the administrations; therefore, the Sons know and adhere to Divine Order, Protocol,  and the Delegated Authority of  the Creator. 

Many of you know that an administrator is an officer or one put in charge as an executive of a business.  In the legal sense, one who is appointed to settle an estate.  In the spiritual sense, an administrator is an associate, one in partnership, a participant in social intercourse or benefactor Chosen to distribute communications.  In short, an administrator are the Enlightened Teleios One's Elected as an Ambassador of  the Mysteries, as a Christ in Divine Union who releases the Eternal Truth and the Mysteries of the Kingdom—The Apostles and Prophets!

The Church and the Body has been functioning out of Order!  Pastors have not accepted the apostles and prophets!  Therefore they, for the most part are unaware of Protocol, Order and Authority substituting for the Traditions of men.  Since they are unaware of the Divine Creators Way and Will for the people, these pastors have raised  generations of bastards who think they can come against the Anointed One’s.  They are undisciplined and un-chastised because many pastors have not received ability or capacity to receive, assimilate,  disseminate and/or administer these Mysteries and are working with a mere ‘View’. Therefore, they are out of Order and they teach the children to walk out of the Will for their Life-Purpose  and rebel against the very Truths that will set them free.  
To think that the Creator did not establish a set Order or Protocol at creation is to come against Divine Integrity Immutability and Omnipotence of Universality and Divine Union.  

Divine Order has been restored within the Church, however, it has been rejected. The pathetic thing is that it was restored over 2000 years ago and the people haven’t gotten it yet! Why is that?   
One cannot teach what they do not know or that they do not understand! Christianity has been slack in teaching Truth and have strayed from Divine Universal Laws.  Many have become a lawless and disobedient people. 

Ignorance of the Law is no excuse! Merely because one is ignorant to the workings of Divine Law, which is Spirit, this does not mean that they do not exist.  Nor does it mean that one will not be held culpable for ignoring or disobeying them in the same way that one will be rewarded! No one will escape the consequences or the effect of Divine Law or providence! What has been set will come to pass!  Whatsoever a man sows that shall he reap!  One either come under obedience or remain in the Babylonian System and the dysfunctions of an apostate church.  

Think about it!  Judgments began at the House of GOD! In the Sanctuary! Judgment comes to those sitting in the sanctuary not the so-called sinner!  Judgment will start with the leaders! The Bible was not written for the unredeemed but it was written for the redeemed!
We were all created and planted for specific purpose in our proper order.  Within this implantation,  we have been granted authority.  
Humans  were created before the foundation of the World, that we should be holy and blameless, in peace and love. Some were predestined as Firstborn Sons. We were all elected to salvation as Children to mature into Sons! Therefore, we have obtained an inheritance having been predestined according to purpose and are sealed with the Spirit of Promise, who is a pledge of our inheritance with a VIEW of what is to come. 
Humans were birthed and elected to share in the inheritance allotted to each of us as joint heirs to the Kingdom. There are varieties of administrations for those as Children, Sons and Firstborn Sons. Therefore,  we are heavenly citizens having died to our self-will and emotions having put on the Mind of a Christ,  we wait for the  transformation of our mind, body and soul  into conformity with the Hope of our Glory towards Divine Union and ultimately   a Glorified Body.
Many of us forfeit our inheritance living  an illusion, never coming to the reality of our Life-Purpose because the natural man cannot grasp the things of Spirit!  Only those who walk in the Spirit will be given ability and capacity to receive knowledge and insight into the Mysteries. The natural is a manifestation of the spiritual realm. As above so below!

So then, as  believers, we should know that we have been predestined through wisdom to glory in the benefits of not only salvation, but that the Creator has instituted a Perfect Preordained Plan (PPP) for humans to ascend into the heavenlies.  It is up to each of us to find out what that PPP is for our lives. 

All have been   called to salvation, only a remnant were chosen, even less have been elected and will Overcome the tests and trials of those predestined for the Office of Apostle and Prophet or as Firstborns.  All people have been predestined unto salvation; however, not all are predestined to the Five-Fold Ministry or the Offices or Administrations of Apostle and Prophet or as a Firstborn.

The Church was inaugurate as a Foundation through the apostles and prophets. He gave some as apostles, some as prophets, some as evangelists, some as pastors and some as teachers for the equipping of the saints for the work of service to the building up of a Body of Christ’ until all attain the Unity of the faith and of the Knowledge of the Sons.  To a mature man…Perfect or Teleios–as a Christ.

There is an established a ‘Fixed Order’.  This Order was revealed in Jeremiah as a ‘New Covenant’.  “I will put My Law within them, and on their heart I will write it; and I will be their G-D, and they shall be My people. If this Fixed Order departs from before Me then the offspring…shall cease before Me.

Order was established in  a Sovereign Will to give man a free choice.  The Election of the Firstborn is a family secret, which only the Family, particularly, the Sons  are privy to or know and have capacity to understand these Mysteries.  The revelation of these Mysteries came through a “Secret Counsel” to the prophets.  The Prophets speak Divine ‘Wisdom in a Mystery, the hidden wisdom predestined before the ages to our glory’. To these, were Delegated Authority to Release the Knowledge of these Mysteries, which would   bring all into Unity of the Faith to become a Christ and to be brought into Divine Union no matter what their Course or Order. 

From the Foundations of the World Order was established and those of whom would bring forth these Revelations were they who elected to do so. Even the Levites had and served their purpose.  However, it was through a new a living way that  a new and   Perfect Plan was inaugurated through the Tribe of Judah; a New Priesthood after the Order of Melchizedek.  This Order was established at Creation and with it, those who would carry out the Perfect Plan.

Everyone was not ordained to carry out or teach nor to implement this Plan.   All should know Order and Protocol and respect it as well as those of whom has been  delegated this Authority.

The purpose of predestination is for placing those ‘born’ in Zion into their proper Order and Metron.  Predestination not only comprises the deliberate, expedient plan of  one’s Life-Purpose, but predestination includes the individual for whom the Plan was orchestrated.  It was in the exercise of  Divine Will,  we were brought  forth by the Word of Truth so that we might be, as it were, the ‘first’ among creatures.

The objects of predestination are those who were foreknown.  The proposed fore-ordination is to be renewed and conformed to the Divine Image.  This is in order that humans might learn and come into the riches of our glory.

Until   one knows that they are predestined to be conformed to the Divine Image of Eloheem as Eloheem they cannot fulfill their their Life-Purpose. Particularly,  to become Sons and to receive an inheritance as Firstborn, one cannot accept that of which they are unaware of.

To each one of us grace is given according to the measure of the Christ  gift within us. Like for like!  Like obedient faith like anointing will propel one into knowledge and insight at the level of spiritual maturity one dwells.

Therefore, let every man regard each other in this manner:  As Sons of G-D, recipients of the Mysteries. 

Hotep Light One Love! 
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