Thursday, January 12, 2017

Healing From The Inside Out

The Spirit has been continuously dropping into my thoughts for the past month or so that I am being healed from the inside out.  

Now, I will devolve a partial revelation of the phrase, “healing from the inside out”. I say partial merely because what is revealed is merely a stepping stone to condensed information received at my or our level of understanding of that of which the Spirit builds upon to bring us into the reality of who we are.

The restorative process of spiritual Healing begins from the inside out. This is why when I say put on the mind of a Christ that mind is already within the soul of humans and it is the heart of man that must be reconciled with these higher thoughts. The heart of man is the mind.

It is through the thought process that one receives capacity to change and create their own circumstances. These thoughts, if coming from a restored thought process of a mind that has been awakened, enlightened to reality, through Spirit of god consciousness; one can transcend all earthly circumstances of the physical realm.

Mankind, in their haste to find truth have contrived religion.  They have strayed so far from the Way of the Most High and our Ancestors that their spirit has been disjointed from the soul producing tensions that are quelled through certain beliefs. The beliefs of healing from an outer source, when humans were grafted with Divine DNA that would repair the breach of direct communication to the Creator, thereby healing oneself, with the inherent gifts within the spirit/soul of man is where the emphasis should be. 

The spirit/soul man is that DNA center that holds the revelations of the Mysteries of one’s Being.

When the spirit is disjointed from the soul it produces a longing.  The spirit because it cannot function alone becomes controlled by its environment and the senses within the earthly realms.

The healing is when the spirit realizes that it must reunite with Soul, where remembrance, healing and Divine DNA are stored within the recesses of the mind.  These memories are still remaining for humans to tape into that they may be restored to their former state, therefore promoting healing from within.

This healing is the redemptive process that I talk about. It is the awakening.  It is awakening to the reality of who you are.

We live in parallel worlds. Humans have limited themselves to this earthly realm because their soul is weakly and sick from the contaminants of their surroundings and a certain belief system.  They have limited their creativity, therefore, they are encased within a space on earth that keeps them unable to tap into and receive of Divine Universal Mind of which we have been birthed from the Creator.

We are sick weakly Beings being controlled by the elite few through certain devices put in place to keep us from remembering.  The detriments of these devices keeps our spirit from uniting with our soul creating deficiencies in thought. Humans, therefore, rely on these man-made devices, beliefs and doctrines; although, they are void of understanding the true reality of who we are.

Religion and religious doctrines of an evil society has taken humans off their intended path to cowering to a lower life form. Therefore, we are unable to receive the light that will transcend or transmute us that we can traverse the multiversity of space and time.

Mankind was not jailed on earth but given free will and choice to transcend from the earthly realm of the physical through a multiverse of space and time.

Healing comes when through the mind; through the awakening; through receiving light, the mind has been reactivated in divine thought.

The healing, how does one receive it?  It is through gnosis; that knowing state of truth and reality;  of knowing that mankind has been equipped with all that is needed to become as I AM.  Our divine DNA resides within the heart and mind of man. All we have to do is tap into it. 

Each soul receives as they go through the restorative process eliminating false and contrived thoughts and beliefs of which were designed to keep them in a state of unknowing. 

This unknowing state produces fantasies of true reality within. Therefore, when we say put on the mind of a Christ, that is where the soul find its reality; it is god consciousness; it is coming into the realization of self.

The religious world and the ‘powers to be’ have contrived many obstacles to take humans off our intended path.  It was the lack of knowledge being taught and withheld that has dumbed us down, even to the point of only using 10% of our brain capacity.

They have taken the knowledge from the Ancient Ones and have used it to keep humans in ignorance of the Way.

Spiritual activity and knowledge on earth is increasing. Our Ancestors are releasing knowledge in order to correct those deficiencies to the redemption of those, whosoever will free themselves from the lower consciousness to restore their god consciousness.

Mankind have dumbed humans down to a point where they dwell in darkness and  chaos of ignorance that they do not know how to develop their godly traits or receive the knowledge that the Ancients of Days wish to impart. We are incapable of connecting to divine mind because of false beliefs, superstitions, the greed and evil nature of those who want to be in power or who are in power. They restrict our thinking capacity as we settle for what we believe to be true.

The race of Melaninated people have become acclimated to the lower consciousness of an evil and perverted power of mankind’s contrived notions to be superior and in control. Even their Bible was written from divine concepts of the Ancestors and perverted to meet their evil agendas of control that have instilled fear of returning to the Most High Creator to be restored as the gods we were created to be.

This is why the World is in the state it is in and believe that the Ancients of Days, our Ancestors, will come to correct those deficiencies.  Even now, through those enlightened ones, the Most High is releasing and giving humans knowledge some cannot handle and retain, only that of which fits into their controlled way of life. Many dare not go beyond to experience the multiplicities and variedness of that the Most High would have given them thinking it weird or outside of reality because they cannot grasp the infiniteness of who they are or who the I AM is. Catch the vision

Hotep, Light & Love
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