Sunday, December 11, 2016

They Kill Us Or Imprison Us

How long America will you continue to destroy Black families, men, women and children calling yourselves World Leaders? "Land of the free, home of the brave"?

You stick you nose in everyone's business calling your actions humanitarians and you cant and wont take care of the very people who built you up, fought your wars as they are  treated as the scourge of the earth.

You continually and repeatedly kill and imprison our leaders and teachers of truth who speak out for the unity, justice and freedoms of which you enjoy but have never accorded them freedom.

You entrap them, you make up fictitious stories on them trying them under your unjust System of "Color of Law".

You have detained Dr. Malicah Z. York for over 10 years, giving him a 100 year plus sentence under your "White is right" and in your "White Privilege" unjust System.

This you have done because of the truths he speak; because of his attempt to unify Africans of Diaspora, just as you jailed and have murdered all those who were Chosen and Sent with messages of redemption to free Africans home and abroad from under raciest hand of  control.

I write this in the power and authority of our African Ancestors.

Pardon Dr. Malachi Z. York! Free him from your evil unjust System that he may return home to Ghana.

For years, I was told, "nigger go back to Africa".  Just as Moses was purported to say, I now say, "Let my people go"!

Those of you reading this, a link to a petition has been included to free Dr York. Please sigh it and forward.

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Apostle Rubie James

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