Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Phase One 
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The center district in the Village of  Ajumako's

 Main Street in the Villages downtown market area

 Main district open market

 Phase One has targeted sidewalk/gutters and the construction of  3 public toilet facilities along the main highway.
 Installing sidewalks and gutters will cover open sewers making for a more healthfully safe and attractive open market place.
 The Village of Ajumako  is an undeveloped agricultural community with over 200 undeveloped acres targeted for agriculture and raising cattle.  

The Ajumako/Enyan/Essiam District is one of the seventeen (17) districts in the Central Region of Ghana.  Ajumako is the capital village. The Village is exceptionally clean and the villagers are friendly and make the most out of what they have; taking great pride in what they do.  

The Village has a mayor and is administered by Parliamentary procedures through a Royal Counsel with a population of approximately 50,000+ in the Village of Ajumako alone. 

The King, pictured here, Nana Kwamena Hammah Ababio II is an unquestionable man of integrity who has a vision for the Village to become  growers of produce and raising cattle on the idle acreage. Nana Ababio II is the Omanhen (King) of Efua Ajumako Traditional Area. 

The lack of  technology, support and funding has been the greatest obstacle in developing an agricultural hub, raising cattle and boosting the economy in that region.  This would not only make the Village self sufficient but employ locals and provide a means of  enhancing the way of life for the villagers in all districts.  

With the major paved highway going through each village makes the region ideal for attracting tourist providing easy accessibility to export its produce and products.

His Excellency Nana Kweku Egyir Gyepi III, the Central Regions District Traditional
Chief has teamed up with His Excellency Nana Ababio II to implement various projects.  

Apostle Rubie James is the Administrator of HIS Love and Truth Ministries International and founder of Mission Ghana.  She is personal Assistant to  Nana Gyepi III both have been commissioned by the King to act on the serving as liaison to His Excellency Ababio to facilitate effective communications.  Apostle James will raise funding for various projects and making the necessary contacts to ensure the success and accountability of every project; making certain that the Kings wishes for the Village  will be beneficial for its   people. 

King Ababio, Nana Gyepi neither Apostle Rubie are benefiting for personal gain and are working in a volunteer capacity.

MISSION GHANA needs your support.

We can also receive 'duty-free' equipment, vehicles, products, supplies, office supplies, library books, clothing, household products and other donations. We welcome professional volunteer services.

Apostle Rubie James
Skype: Apostle_rubiejames
Telephone: 011 243 283 616 or 011 233 578 816 724
Donations may also be made at GoFundMe 

Nana Gyepi III: 001 233 243 83 4032