Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I remember my daddy talking  about Timbuktu when I was a child and now wish that I would have been more attentive to what he said. 

 I did not understand why I have always felt ill at ease and as if I never belonged.  I certainly have never fit in. I have always had a heart for Afrika, since I was a child. With each passing year and with each revelation of truth, this innate desire has increased as returning to Afrika has been tugging profusely at my heart; connected as a navel cord that has never been detached in the birth process  from  my Mother.
Originally, known as Timbuktu and inhabited by the Moors, Timbuktu was called the Kingdom of Ghana.  The Kingdom of Ghana, a Hebrew/Jewish Nation bordered the  North of Afrika called by the Europeans  Gibraltar, which was inhabited by  Moors (Blacks) and Islamic Nations.
Timbuktu was the international trade center of the world and goods were sent to Egypt for trade up and down the Nile.  By the 15th Century Timbuktu was lauded as the wealthiest Nations in the world. In addition it became the 14th Century academic and Islamic  learning  center of the world.
“The inhabitants had  greater abhorrence of injustice than any other people neither the man who travels nor him who stay at home have anything to fear  from robbers or men of violence  “~Ibn Battuta
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