Wednesday, August 6, 2014

One Power! One Mind! One Law!

One Power!  One Mind! One Law!  I call it Divine Universal Law.  Divine Law works through natural laws.  It is because of Divine Law that all other laws exists. Basically, all laws  work through the Law of Attraction. 

I do not care where you are in this world; everything in our life is attracted to us through the thoughts within our mind.  As a (wo)man thinks within their heart so is (s)he! 

Our thoughts become things and manifest that of which we think about most!  Like for like! The law does not have ability to discriminate whether something is good or not so good for us and does not know the word ‘no’ nor does law negate any of our thoughts but manifest in the natural realm what we think.

Law is Spirit and will accomplish, producing that of which we put into our minds.  Law is always working on our behalf one way or another. This is why Paul says “put on the mind of a Christ”—an anointed one; to think on those things that are lovely, just, good, etc. Mostly, humans must cultivate love for other humans an all of creation. 

Mix blue and red you get purple no matter who you are.  It does not matter how rich or poor or where you are in this Universe; we will all get the same results—the color purple.

We have ability to change our life by creating the situations that we want. Therefore, tap into Divine Universal Mind that you can create the things that makes you feel good.

Apostle Rubie James
Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!    
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