Sunday, July 27, 2014

KKK Want Blacks to What?

Forgive us if we just don’t jump right on in there.

Black people, Afrikans and Afrikan American have been attempting to get attention for years as to how immigrants were forcing them out of the job market; how the U.S. and foreign corporations keep Afrika in poverty rape the natural resources, tear down the communities, then make them pay for their freedom and keep a people disjointed while offering them little trinkets.
Now, it seems as if someone now sees the disparity, threats and displacement of  Blacks, all be it, perhaps not to the extent of the depths of the realities in Afrika or within the U.S.  However, now  White Americans are beginning to see the dangers of displacement and becoming the minority as illegal immigration on the U.S. Mexican Border  increases!  How ironically sadistically pathetic that the KKK would recognize this to the point of wanting to join forces with Black Americans! 

This brings me to the two big questions…If the KKK recognizes the dangers of the current immigration problems, being one of the major dominate objective force behind the disparities faced by  blacks;  Just what in the hell does the U.S. Government see?  Why is the U.S. Government, Europe and all the Colonizing countries so adamant about denying and continually overturning Reparations and Bill H.R. 40 for Black People, Afrikans, and  Afrikan Americans, year after year after year?  

Do Blacks need to join forces with and would it be a wise move to unite with the KKK to insure their survival as a people? It is certain that the Black Race cannot continue to fight alone as many other immigrant races are all vying for that step up on the proverbial ladder of the American Dream!  

Even an inadvertent mark depicts the undercurrent of rejection faced by Blacks as they are 'X'd out of  American society.

Once the situation with the U.S. Mexican Border crisis has been worked out or massive steps taken to preserve what is left of the American way of life, would there be once again a forgetfulness of the sacrifices Blacks have made, to do business as usual for White Americans?

For nearly 400 years Blacks, Afrikans and Afrikan Americans have felt the horrific sting and flagrant abuses of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, even until this day the devastation is still live and present!  The emotional stresses and dysfunctions of being taken away from their homeland thrust into a society where their way, their very being and existence was taken from them.    

Blacks continue to reel from the disparities, injustices and the ill effects of rejection from a society that they helped to build;  having been considered 3/5ths human by the Constitution of the U.S.  Yet, Afrikans and Blacks  contributed to every facet of its economic, scientific, governmental, educational, sociological and spiritual structures; while their accomplishments were plagiarized and stolen copyrights and patients were attributed to others. 

Blacks have been rejected as a people and continue to be displaced by immigrants; so-called Gay Rights; Women’s Rights and the immigration of every other race of people through the "Law of Exclusion".   

Everyone continues to turn their heads disclaiming culpability for the crimes perpetuated upon a people, denying that racism exists as U.S. Missionaries continue to rape Afrika and Afrikan Children under the guise of worshiping their god!

Historically immigrants were given land to come to the U.S., financing and other incentives that were denied to  Black people, as   they helped an evil society enforce Jim Crow Laws;  the raping of Black Women, experimenting on both Black Men and Women. 
Black People have been subjected to hangings, castrations’, burnings, decapitations, dragging, whipping all in the name of Christianity enforced and/or allowed by Government, enforced by people like  Willie Lynch, Edwin W. Smith and the International Missionary Council, just to name a few. Their language was taken from them, yet the U.S. Government spend perhaps billions on translators, translating books, pamphlets etc. for immigrants.

Blacks became less of a commodity as the focus turned to land for immigrants. With the advent of technology, denied education,  forced from the ways of their Ancestors; Blacks continued to be displaced with not even a slight chance up the ladder.   

Today, Blacks  still live is  a System where not only their civil rights are being violated but basic inherent rights denied and continually ignored while immigrants take jobs and are  given benefits that put a drain on our System; have available resources that for the most part, Blacks have been denied!  The problems  are still here and exists today.

And the KKK wants us to What?

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 Apostle Rubie James
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